You’ll Put Your Eye Out!

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tmAs I wait for those of you who are reading to read Chapter 17 The Ending & The Beginning, I must make a confession: You are not alone. I too love Tussie Mussies, and have gone through an embarrassingly long Tussie Mussie phase that continues to this day.

tm1Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about! Come towards the light, ’tis nothing to be ashamed of! Let me “refresh” your memory: Tussie Mussies, those cone-shaped little baskets for posies or treats and tiny presents, made of papers and decorated with scraps and trims to hang on trees and chandeliers and doorknobs. THOSE things.

I knew you knew what I was talking about!


This is Ginger. She has “flirty” eyes just like Dot in the book.

And since I’m making a confession here, I shall also admit to another love of mine: Pointy Hats. I adore them! I am drawn to them! In fact, in one of the future Hazel Twigg books, I am determined to insert a “Pointy Hat Parade”! SOMEWHERE. Do not doubt me.


I LOVED these little guys! They came to me naked, eyeless and armless. I painted on their features, added pipe cleaner arms (which I thought were quite fun, they could hang anywhere and I had seen precedent on other antique dolls with original pipe cleaner arms, and then made coordinating outfits with Pointy Hats, of course!









I’ve even sewn pointy hats for my dolls on occasion – when they’ll let me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYes, these are dangerous things with their pointy ends. You could put your eye out, or end up eating more candy than actually makes it into the “Mussie,” but that is a risk I am Willing To Take.

I feel better now! See you tomorrow!

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2 Commentsto You’ll Put Your Eye Out!

  1. Mama Jane says:

    Who knew pointy hats could be so F U N!