What Do April Showers Bring…?

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I hand-stitched every one of those flowers onto that dress. It was fun, but tricky what with my snaggy fingers, all those petals, and thread mixing together in one task.

It’s rare that I know WEEKS in advance what an O.L.D. (Once-Loved Doll) is going to wear, but with this girl, such is the case. The MINUTE I decided to create “April Showers”, May Flowers became a twinkle in my eye. I had to wait for the right month, of course. And now it’s here…

Thusly begins the adoption page for O.L.D. No. 00041, MAY FLOWERS! You can see her adoption page HERE.

Turns out, there’s a lot of showers in May as well! I had a heck of a time getting any decent photographs of her, given my sophisticated photography set up (daylight and my choice of two curtains), but One Does What One Can. Then we got a tornado warning, so I stopped…(all was fine).


THIEF! Ahem.

When I told The Mayor my idea several weeks back, she mentioned a magazine cover that had a dress very like the one I was describing, so I looked. HMPF! Someone stole my idea in advance! Clearly, there’s nothing new under the sun.

I had previously chosen another girl for May Flowers, but had a fiasco with her face (don’t ask! But her turn will come. I had to move on, knowing it would take some time to make this dress). Therefore this May, aka 18″ Anne Shirley, stepped in. You might recognize her face. I used the 21″ models of this same mold for previous O.L.D.s, the Katniss Everdeen and Effie Trinket types. I LOVE Annes!

These roses here. Red on red, I know. But they turned out well and were easy to do.

I also decided to make my first pillbox hat for May’s “street clothes” outfit. Awhile back, my lovely and loved sister-in-law Suzanne sent me a care package full of this and that. Amongst the treasures were these pretty little shabby fabric roses. I adored them! I used them very sparingly (is this doll “Suzanne rose”-worthy?). None of the previous O.L.D.s have them. It was longer ago than that. I frequently desired to make my own, but couldn’t figure out how. Turns out there’s this thing called the In-ter-net. Voila! I found an excellent, clear-cute site HERE. People make necklaces and attach them to barrettes and all sorts of things with them.

I modified mine a little, turning the fabric twice so there were never any raw edges and sewing them with a needle and thread rather than using glue because I’m funny that way.

Here’s the wrap inspiration.

Why aren’t hats with veils more common? It would be much cheaper than a facelift! Hmm….

Speaking of flowers and May, a belated THANK YOU to the Secret Fairy who put that beautiful pot of flowers onto my porch! SO PRETTY. And also, a thank you to Fairy Jennifer for all the recent treasures, including many of the flowers used for this dress.

Here is May’s before picture. She was in very decent shape. All her fingers and toes…but her dress was tattered and you can’t tell, but she was desperate for a bath…

Fairies are coming out of the woodwork! Another Fairy, Cindy we shall call her, came by with lace curtains and informed me that she always keeps an eye out for things she thinks I could use. I AM BLESSED.

Francie & Ginger are making their way to….Colorado and Michelle! Thank you, Michelle! Hope you truck in some sand for these bathing beauties…

And with that, I leave you! Happy Tuesday, you’re my favorite.

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2 Commentsto What Do April Showers Bring…?

  1. Sue Ann says:

    Hello Ruth! May Flowers…wonderful with the beautiful flowers on her dress! How dare anyone steal your great idea! LOL! Once again you’ve captured the May thing & love the halo of flowers on her head. Also, the pill box style hat for her street attire is so perfect! Reminds me of Jackie Kennedy style, huh? Hopefully Michelle has run outa room; and someone else can win an auction…KIDDING! (sorta).
    Doll Hugs, Your my favorite! Sue Ann