Until We Meet Again

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Reader, when I started her I had no clue. But somewhere in that sewing room it occurred to me that I needed to be realistic. Despite my best efforts, I’m very slow at what I do. You know what’s not slow? TIME. It marches on, month after month.

This is not goodbye, it can’t be! I still have fabric! The silly thing is, I don’t even have job yet. I may come slinking back in a week or two saying, “Um, hello! Well, this is awkward…” In the meantime, real world here I come! And when I get my feet firmly planted beneath me, Hazel Twigg will ride again, just not as frequently. But for now…

Thus begins the description for Hazel Twigg No. 128, Marigold. Or, as I am calling her, “The Last of the Mains.” You can see her adoption page HERE.

“The Mains,” as I’ve decided to call them, are from this current era that is ending on October 9, 2019 when Marigold leaves my care. “The Mains” era began April 27, 2013 with Carol Jane, the first Hazel Twigg doll. For five and a half years, with a few breaks in between, my world has been nothing but dolls and what the next outfit or theme would be. My Main obsession, as it were. But the time has come for me to rejoin the real world. Naturally, I’ve been in somewhat of a state of mourning having made this hard decision.

See that striped ribbon? That’s my favorite ribbon I’ve had EVER. I’ve tried and failed to find more of it. Marigold’s hat has the very last snippet.

Of course I’ll never give up dolls forever! Dolls and sewing for dolls has been with me since I was a little girl. First, for my own Barbies, then for my wee sister Julie’s Barbies, then later when I discovered ebay and became a member in 1999, I would occasionally adopt dolls and sew for them. However, this era was special. Dolls, dolls, nothing but dolls and being creative. How lucky I was! I’ve learned something with each new O.L.D. and have made so many wonderful friends along the way.

But I’ve gotten too slow. Not only that, the slightest thing can throw me off. “Don’t mess with the delicate genius!” George Costanza of Seinfeld shouts. A doctor’s appointment or mowing the lawn or the need to make a phone call or two can throw my entire day off.

The last of The MAINS

It’s my hope that stepping away will free my mind, so that when I do return to my sewing room I can sew with abandon and no worries at all. Maybe I’ll even have a touch of color to my normally pasty white skin! And when I return, I’ll strive even harder to make each of them special. “Special Edition” O.L.D.s, as the era of Mains is over. They will still be simple composition dolls with plenty of love left to give.

Goodbye – for now!

Don’t think I haven’t shed tears over this decision! It will be a blip in your life, but for me it’s momentous. Regardless, I hope that when you next see a Hazel Twigg doll you will stop in and take a look, say hello and keep in touch, because lurker or frequent adopter I consider you all friends, and I will miss you. Thank you!

Mother Goose and Guy, her gander were adopted by the lovely Janey J. of Oakland, California, who has given a good home to many O.L.D.s. Janey, if you read this thank you, dear friend!

And with that, I leave you! But never forever. How could I? You are my favorite, after all.

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14 Commentsto Until We Meet Again

  1. Pam Brandon says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey with Hazel Twigg. I love going back over your journey with all of the O.L.Ds. Your creativity is so inspiring and each doll’s story is so much fun. I, for one, will eagerly look forward to your special editions and I hope that getting out in the real world gives you a fresh perspective. I have been through similar changes lately and have found that a few changes can really challenge and refresh you.

    You are my favorite!

    Pam B

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you, Pam B.! i’m not gonna lie, my heart clenches every time I think of it. But my step will be lighter, and I think that will lead to a new beginning.

      Until next time!


  2. Traci Brown says:

    Hello, I just love your dolls and the repurpose of them and their stories! I only have one and she is a treasure! Peace to you and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
    Traci Brown

  3. Ruth says:

    Hello again, Traci!

    DO keep an eye out, because some day I’ll be back! Until then, Tell Whimsy “Hi” for me, and Happy Halloween to you and yours.



  4. Deanna Williamson says:

    Thank you for all the joy and creativity you’ve shared over the years. You truly made me feel as if I had become a close friend observing your magical world and wand of doll preservation and refreshed beauty. You also have such a special gift in bringing your dolls, and all they entail, alive through your talented writing….And who could not love your sense of humor that could make the grumpiest of grumps laugh. All the tidbits you shared about each doll’s reincarnation allowed the reader’s imagination to flow as if we were right beside you during the entire process…through thick and thin!
    Miss July 2017, “Independence”, will always hold a special place in my heart and in our home…Not only because of just how beautiful and meaningful she and her “message” are but also because YOU made the “adoption” experience so personal and heart-felt.
    For selfish reasons, I do hope with the greatest of hopes that your farewell is only temporary and short-lived. I do however wish you all the best and happiness with your newly planned endeavor. You deserve it……after all, You’re MY favorite.

    • Ruth says:

      Aw Deanna, thank you! Independence holds a special place in my heart too, because she’s kind of a part of me and a part of my sister Julie, since it was the dressmaker’s dummy that I gave to Julie that Julie then decorated that inspired her.

      Thank you also for the wonderful letter you wrote at the time. I WILL COME BACK. I think. I hope! Refreshed and renewed – just not quite as frequent.

      I’m homesick just talking about dolls now!



  5. Nancy Barbata says:

    O, dear! This will not be just a blip in my life! I will miss you and hope EVERY DAY that you are finding what your heart yearns for. I love you and all of your wonderful creations! The piccies, the stories, the videos ~ all have inspired me and buoyed me up when the chips were down! I know this must have been a difficult decision and I support you more than you know. My sewing for dolls has ebbed but I know the time will come when I’m back in my sewing room, too! Sending love and hugs and best wishes! xo, Nancy (the one with McGuffa Ann)

    • Ruth says:

      Who knows, Nancy? Maybe we will both re-enter the world of sewing AT THE SAME TIME!!!

      I think a little time away and OUTSIDE will do me good. There are still so many ideas in my head, not to mention around 150 O.L.D.s, still waiting their turn.

      And if I can also figure out a way to easily set up for videos, I’ll keep doing those too. Hazel Twigg is not dead! She’s just on another plane for now.

      Most Sincerely!


  6. Sharon Binek says:

    Take care, my friend.

  7. Sarah Munson says:

    We wish you all the best in whatever you do. As your journey unfolds may it be filled with all things wonderful!

    With Love,
    Your neighbors on the hill

    • Ruth says:

      I’m planning nothing glamorous, just a little bit simpler living-wise.

      But the dolls ain’t over yet! They just won’t be there as often.

      Thanks, neighbor on the hill!

      From your neighbor across the creek.

      <3 Ruth

  8. Jennie says:

    I am in the UK I have followed your page and YouTube for a while. I absolutely love what you have done with those beautiful dolls. I am sad you are leaving for now but completely understand. I would love to do so much more sewing and creative endeavours but reality, my family and work take most of my energy. I wish you all the best for the next stage and look forward to seeing you again when you do pop back. All the best and thank you so much for the videos (of which I have watched again and again). 😘

    • Ruth says:

      Dearest Jennie –

      Thank you so much for your kind comments! My hope is indeed to “pop back” and maybe even make more videos when things have settled down. There is NO WAY I could ever give up dolls for good!

      You have put a spring in my step, thank you for taking the time to write all the way from across the pond!

      Most Sincerely,