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Below is the gallery photo as well as the rather loud first line of the description for the auction of book #4 of the very first printing of the first release of Hazel Twigg & the Hollyhock Hideaway. Study it carefully. Do you see my mistake?




Curses! I accidentally cut and pasted the #5 picture! A bid was made, and now I can’t change it. After I worked so hard on the photo for number 4, too…

ht14pendantaWith each new auction, I add a new accessory. This time the accessory was a beautiful pendant necklace done with my own little mouse with my right hand (I’m a lefty). This is the same pendant Hazel and Ruth and the rest of the Holders wear in the book. The same pendant Pinky is wearing when she arrives at the Hideaway. The same pendant as the ones Smith and Jones are trying so hard to find before The Event.

HT $ back-1

They’re even niftier in person.

Know who spotted the mistake? Not me! Nope! It was The Mayor. She gleefully told me right away – alas, too late to change it. You know why I think she was so quick to find it? Because she coveted one of those $10 Hazel Twigg bills! She saw them before I did and instantly wanted one for herself. I can see why! The back of the bill’s a work of art.


I want one too! I know of a few more mistakes in the book, even though I haven’t thoroughly read this printed edition (I don’t have to. I LIVED it). If no one finds those mistakes by the time we’re ready to publish, or ready to print the second installment of the Hazel Twigg series, I very well might claim one myself. We only had nine of these bills printed. Are there more mistakes than that? I’m not sure…


In the meantime, when I send them out, I write little notes with them and number the bills themselves for provenance. There have been three official book mistakes so far.


Only in a small town could you get away with an address like this. Honestly, you’d think I’d know my own sister’s address…

The Mayor’s mistake is more a random one. Heaven knows, if I widened the scope to include non-book mistakes I make we’d have to print up hundreds of these things! So from this day forward, only book mistakes will count. But there has to be some sort of perk for being my sister and keeping me sane! I love my Julie.

So keep looking! You know know what you’ll find.

Speaking of treasure hunters, guess who won book #5? Our very own Jennifer Trenary of Rolfe! My dear friend! Official Finder of mistake Treasure #3! The very wizard who put our Hazel Twigg $s together! See? She wanted one too…


And with that, I leave you! Happy Sunday, you’re my favorite! (Go Broncos!)

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