Two Prongs, Infinity Trouble

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Suffering Sucotash! This little stinker has given me grief!

Is it just me, or were evil forces afoot when it came to inventing this here little halogen light bulb? For months and months now, I’ve been working in extreme dark or the blinding light of my overhead, three bright bulb ceiling fan!

My little desk lamp bulb burnt out, and I haven’t been able to find the right replacement since! Several tries, several fails. Thankfully, it only took one attempt to learn that even if there’s just THIS ” (<-between those two quote lines) much difference, the bulb will not work.

CA13081Since then, I’ve written down aaaallll the little numbers in my lamp – having confidently thrown the burnt out bulb away – only to finally get to a store that carries them, to discover that no such numbers exist! “We need WATTS, no VOLTS!” the tiny packages cry.

bulb4wStill, in good faith, I plunk down my cash for these little monstrosities, only to get to my middle-of-nowhere beloved home, and! FAIL. Another attempt when I venture into civilization weeks later. FAIL.

Some day. Some day, my darling. I shall go towards the (right) light (bulb)!

bulb5Tonight at midnight! NEW Chapter 26 Split Pea. That’s my favorite soup! It’s no mystery at all to me that there’s an entire restaurant devoted to this one little bowl of green goodness.

The mayor of Rolfe (I run in fancy circles, what can I say? Also, I’m a name-dropper), who is a soup aficionado might disagree, but I LOVE it.

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