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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe older I get the more I believe: Age Is But A Number. Because decades separate these two girls, but when Francie walked through the door, Gidget instantly took to her and that was IT. They had to be together! And it had been raining all week. The entire household was in the mood for some sunshine, real or imagined…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThus begins the description for O.L.D. (Once-Loved Doll) No. 40! and 40.5. You can see Francie and Gidget’s adoption page HERE.

It just goes to show you: if you find a bit of fabric that appeals to you even if you have no idea what you would ever use it for, buy it. I found this lovely, stretchy teal fabric recently at a thrift store. I adore the color, it’s very similar to the color of my bedroom walls. I was thinking maybe someday I’d make a stewardess outfit, but then with summer on it’s way, and the near-constant rain and chilly weather going on from a winter that just won’t go.

Here are some inspiration photos:


Truth be told, I eagerly long for winter to get here again and look at the little green leaves just sprouting on the trees and fervently wish for them to change color and fall off again. I even much prefer making winterish clothes for dolls. However! I can see the appeal of summer. Plus, it makes me appreciate winter that much more.


Gidget is missing her hat and shoes and socks – although I don’t know if she ever had the shoes and socks. Because she has shoes molded directly onto her feet.

Francie is a 14″ composition doll with tin eyes in quite lovely shape. Gidget is a 1957 Colgate Palmolive Fab advertising doll. Her wig is a mess! And guess what? It’s really, really TOUGH. In trying to “tame” it, I spritzed it with water, took a HOT iron, and SSSSSSSSSssssSSSSS!!!! Nope! Still messy! Good thing there’s such a thing as hats and swimming caps, is all I can say…


My first even doll sandals! They’re gold leather and were a cinch to do. Maybe summer’s not so bad after all….




I’m showing Francie above with the basket I purchased for this very purpose at the Target dollar section because there’s no good image of it on their adoption page. Wish I’d bought more of those baskets! The possibilities with them are endless. I added the flower.


Here are Francie and Gidget in their “street” clothes.

I missed a week last week because sewing for two, no matter what the size, takes time. Also, I had some spring things to do. But mostly I’m working very hard on finally, finally finishing the book. If you drive by my house at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning and see a light on in my teal-walled bedroom, you’ll know I’m hard at work. *So close*

In the meantime, Jill Sparrow swash-buckled her way to…Colorado and Michelle E.! This should curb her of her pirating ways. I’m no geography expert, but I’m pretty sure there are no oceans in Colorado. Hopefully Michelle remembers to lock up her rum….

And with that, I leave you! Happy Wednesday, you’re my favorite!



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2 Commentsto TWO If By SEA

  1. Sue Ann says:

    Greetings Ruth! Well it was worth the wait for sure! Another SUPER keen OLDS (two by two)! Great job on the vintage look for their swimsuits & caps! Also love the wraps they have & the pinwheels are a good touch! Hope the wee child’s birthday party was also a success! By far you are my favorite! Looks like you have a great following too! Doll Hugs, Sue

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks, Sue Ann! The pinwheels are a happy accident. Well, not so much an accident, but when I couldn’t find appropriately sized beach balls…I think it was The Mayor’s suggestion, come to think of it.

      The wee child’s birthday party went well! Julie outdid herself as always.

      You’re the BEST!!!