Thyme After Time

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This is the picture taken just to get her up for adoption. As you’ll notice, the hat wasn’t quite finished yet.

“But you said you were going to be completely finished before you put a doll up for adoption!” Elizabeth exclaimed as I moved to and fro, trying to get just the right angle for a photo.

“I’m pretty sure it was your New Year’s resolution, if I recall correctly…” Betty softly added.

“Plus, I also think you said something about cutting carbs and losing weight and stuff.” Those words were no sooner out of Dot’s mouth when she pretended to have a coughing fit. Good thing. Hmpf!


As you can see, the lighting here is very different. Those are watch gears on her bodice, and watch faces, 18 in all, on her skirt.

Meet Thyme! She is O.L.D. (Once-Loved Doll) No. 63 and you can see her adoption page HERE.

1tsidehalfWith Thyme, I’ve once again drifted off the beaten path. It all started when my dear friend Jennifer Trenary gave me a whooolllle bunch of watches. Tons! I love watches! And I love steampunk. The two kind of go together. I was just waiting for the right girl.


Here’s the inspiration bodice.

Thyme’s clothing was very labor intensive. In other words, she took a lot of time (see what I did there? These are the jokes, folks!). Even though I had vowed that this new year of 2016 would be different, and that I would actually be done with a doll before I put her up for adoption, I FAILED. I put her up anyway with two minimum information photos, and toiled hard to complete her.

steampunk clock hat love idea of large bow in front

Here’s the inspiration hat. I LOVED the big bow in the center.

The last thing I made for her was a hand held Pince-nez (is what I’m calling it). I felt strongly that it would complete her outfit. It was made with two empty watch faces and a lone chopstick. I recently purchased some very strong glue and I anxiously waited yesterday for it to dry so I could finally get the rest of her photos, hopefully before daylight was gone. Alas! While composition is sturdy, sometimes these O.L.D.’s aren’t strong. She couldn’t hold the contraption up! Fortunately, since the glue hadn’t fully cured I was able to peeeelll it off the chopstick. I then sawed the chopstick in half to get less weight and quickly re-glued it.

1tmaskBut it was just no good. There was no way the glue would cure enough in time for daylight. With a heavy heart (and a less-heavy pince-nez), I took a nap.

I couldn’t sleep! Then a beam of sunlight streamed through the slivers of window that my curtains didn’t cover. I COULD DO THIS. Maybe it was dry enough now!


Thyme has a sawdust-filled bolster that sits just below her waist.I love the profile of her.

So I did. The pictures aren’t great, you can see it was starting to get dark, and truthfully, I still have much to do on her. For example, she’s shoeless and her skirt’s not hemmed and I still have more “zipper embroidery” to do, but I wanted potential adopters to at least see what I was trying to go for with Thyme.

I LOVE HER. Did you notice the cuckoo bird? I have no idea where I got it, but was happy to see it all the same! It took some engineering to get it to firmly stay in place, but I’m really pleased with it.

More than 20 watches and other timepieces were used in the making of this outfit. Mostly from Jennifer, and even my sister Julie and neighbor Brandi pitched in! People are so nice, I swear…

1adpcoathalfbIt’s been so long since I’ve had a doll up for adoption. The last one was Shirley Temple from Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors”! Shirley was adopted by…Michele E. of Hudson, Colorado! THANK YOU, Michelle!

And with that, I leave you! Green Bay Packers, you broke my heart! GO BRONCOS!!

Ahem. And of course, you are my favorite.


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2 Commentsto Thyme After Time

  1. Sue Ann says:

    Thyme is SUPER COOL! Ruth, I always say you are a true ARTIST, & now AUTHOR & what a wild imagination you have girl! I love the way you introduce Thyme with Elizabeth, Betty & Dot all commenting on the not quite done doll being photographed or completely finished! See all who has not read or reading your book; are truly missing out! Mint In The Box…INDEED! Love the book (still savoring each chapter). YOU ARE MY FAVORITE! Hugs, Sue Ann9

    • Ruth says:

      THANK YOU, Sue Ann! You make me feel better about being so LATE! Here we are, three weeks into the new year and I’m barely getting going!

      Can’t wait to hear your overall impression once you finish the book…

      Cheers and thanks again!