Thoroughly Modern LAUREN

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFlaky skin. It’s not just a human problem, you know. Poor, sweet Lauren had it in spades. A previous owner had tried to fix it, leaving a thick, gloppy mess that’s hard to see in this photo.


The BEST stuff on earth! Am I right?!

I confidently took her parts in my hands and set about to removing the offending paint, smug in the fact that I would have no problem. No problem at all.

WRONG. It was tricky! For the first time, I wished I owned an air brush. Instead, I use the “tap” method. And when I do, a distantly remembered song comes to mind. I discovered it was from the movie, “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” starring Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore, and it’s called “The Tapioca.” I don’t know all the lyrics, so I just sing the ones I know as I work.

Tap, tap, tap tapioca tap-tap!

My life is a musical.


This is midway, after I removed the previous repaint.


After tap, tap, tap, tapioca tap-tap!










Tapping the paint on with my hands rather than using a brush means I won’t have brush strokes on a girl’s skin. Lauren looks much better. Thankfully, her face was just fine.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALauren is O.L.D. No. 12 and she was put up for adoption as of Sunday, 6:33 Iowa time. I’ve decided that’s when all the Once-Loved Dolls will go up for adoption, because 33 is my lucky number, and my Dad’s year of birth. You can see Lauren’s adoption page HERE.

I’ve dressed Lauren in 40s style clothes. The wool for Lauren’s coat was given to me by a formal local fairy named Beth who has since flitted off to Colorado. Beth, if you see this, thank you!



I also got a chance to use this strange curved cording I had that I didn’t know what I would ever do with. A black velvet ruffle open crown hat! This is why you never throw anything away!

There must be something in the water in Colorado, because both SHIRLEY and BRIDGET were adopted by a lovely woman who also lives there. We shall call her “M.” Bridget is on her way as of yesterday.

And now! Once more into the breach!

Happy Tuesday! You’re my favorite.





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  1. Beth Pearson says:

    Ruth you are amazing ! The wool fitted coat on Lauren is beautiful . Miss you !