OLD No. 2: Emily Grace

Emily Grace

Emily Grace

Once-Loved Doll No.: 2

Name: Emily Grace

Status: Available for adoption as of April 23, 2014

Ruth’s Initial Notes:  Emily’s nose needs a touch up! Her teeth need to be straightened. Also, her human hair wig is long and scraggily. She may need a haircut and the resulting hair sewn back on to make her wig more full.

Current Notes: Emily Grace’s wig needed more work than first thought! Fortunately, we here at the Hideaway have a HUGE stash, not only of wigs (for those Once-Loved Dolls that arrive with no wigs at all), but of various pieces of human hair and mohair for wig refurbishing!

There wasn’t much of the human hair in the matching shade I found, so wefts of mohair were added to complete her wig’s fullness.



It was carefully removed and gently washed, and the snarls were painstakingly worked out as well as possible with wooden toothpicks. A little trimming was done here and there. Once everything was in place, rag curlers were put in, and voila!

I touched up her lips a tiny bit, only where they were most worn, because you don’t want to touch away all those previous kisses! I also touched up the end of her nose and filled in her brows. While I was working on her right brow (to the left in the picture, I did what Hazel did in Chapter 29 Pinky’s Repair in “Hazel Twigg & the Hollyhock Hideaway” – I accidentally wiped off her entire brow!

It’s all fun and games until it actually happens! I blog about the fiasco HERE. Thankfully, I was able to carefully replace her brow just as it was – only a little bit better and not too different from how and where it was originally placed. We wouldn’t want her personality to change!


I let Emily pick out her own fabrics. Since she had arrived on my doorstep wearing nothing but newspaper, she went a little wild with the choosing. So many fabrics for one little doll!


Oy! So many!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs always, I let Dot and Betty sit in on the adoption photos of Emily Grace. Dot noticed that she was the only one without a hat, so I pulled one out for her from my drawer of hats.

I then noticed that my usual backdrop of turquoise fabric would not work for Emily Grace. Too close in color to that of her coat!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile I was away finding a different backdrop for her photos, Dot started parading around, wearing her bonnet as if it was a lampshade (which I confess, it kind of resembles).

I finally got her to settle down, threatening to ban her from the room!

Not that I would. Dot’s goings on helps us all, because it’s hard to say goodbye!


The new fabric backdrop. I found this wonderful print at Hobby Lobby for $2 a yard! Naturally, I bought it ALL – and see? It came in handy!










We’ll miss you, Emily Grace! But we know that you’ll be going to the place where you’re needed most.

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