O.L.D. No. 1: Carol Jane

Carol Jane

Carol Jane

Once-Loved Doll No. 0001

Name: Carol Jane

Status: Available for adoption!

Ruth’s Notes:  How fortuitous that the very first doll publicly available for adoption from the Hollyhock Hideaway should have the very same name as my mother!

We’ve been working very hard on Carol Jane: neatening her hair, curling her long bangs with pin curls. Her center fingers on her right hand have been rebuilt. If you look closely at her lips, you’ll see two little chips from when she tripped and fell and bit her lip playing hide and go seek in the dark! They have been touched up as well as the scratch on her eyelid, so she is ready to play some more!

Here she is in her finished state:



Carol Jane’s been a joy to work with. As promised in this post HERE, I’ve also added a tag to C.J.’s coat:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHer “brooch” is from an old screw-back earring. I’ve stitched it on between the rhinestones.

Here’s a photo of the vintage materials used for her new outfit:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat light blue linen fabric was the best! So crisp, and it took a pleat very nicely. Lo and behold, it’s from Macy’s! That’s right! Macy’s used to carry fabrics.










Here’s the before photo of her eyelid and lips:                                        Here’s the after:


Here’s the before of her “I Love You” fingers:                                        And the after!











Here is her tag. The first! I filled it out my very own self.


I’ll fill out the Portal date once she finds the right home.

I wonder if Madame Alexander signed her own boxes back in the day? Hm…”Madame Ruth.” That has a certain ring to it…





Our photo session took ALL DAY because Dot and Betty, who are going to miss their little friend, kept distracting her!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe light was getting low, so I finally got them to promise to settle down if I took a picture of all three of them together for their keepsake book:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACarol Jane is the first. She will not be the last. We shall have to get used to saying goodbye.

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