The Snowman’s Tale

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1vsgal3Ooh, it’s that time of year: Snow, snow, snow. And Christmas is coming! In strolled Victoria with her very pretty face and rosy cheeks. Why, she looked as if she’d been gallivanting in the meadow next door. And she had!

Meet Victoria! The Girl Who Built A Snowman In the Meadow. You can see her adoption page HERE.

Victoria is yet another Anne Shirley! I love this mold and have used it many times (do a search on this blog for “Anne Shirley” and you’ll see what I mean!). This particular girl – O.L.D. 60 – is of the 18″ variety.

Because it’s the Christmas season and perhaps triggered by Victoria’s name, I decided to create a Victorian-inspired outfit for her. And I wanted her to be doing something…wintery. Well, what’s more wintery than building a snowman? And guess what his name is? PARSON. See what I did there?

In the meadow we can build a snowman, then pretend that he is Parson Brown…

christmas snowman1

Here’s my inspiration snowman, as you can tell.

And thus begins The Snowman’s Tale: I didn’t want my snowman to be small. I wanted life-sized! Life-sized for an 18″ doll, that is. And I wanted his arms to be jointed, which meant he’d have to be fairly firmly stuffed. Readers, this portly fellow took every bit of batting I had in the house. Also, I ripped open a pillow. THAT kind of determination. I put some brown rice I had on hand at his base to keep him upright.


He’s holding candy canes here, but he also has a twig from my backyard. Options!

The snowman I’d chosen to model Parson was wearing a newspaper hat. Finding just the right newspaper was the very next step.

A friend, we shall call her Jennifer, for that is her name, saw that I’d used old newspapers in a previous O.L.D., and a few months ago she gave me a stack of newspapers from the now defunct Rolfe Arrow.

When I make a paper hat, I want it to be interesting. Plus, this is a happy time of year, so I want no depressing stories. I did several different tries, but you can’t always pick which headlines and articles will land where. Finally, I found the one that I wanted. It was from 1967. Here it is. I bet you can guess why someone saved it:


A happy story! I mean, it doesn’t seem like it at first, but it is in an unusual way! Plus, I love that it mentions Rolfe, which besides being my home is the town that Reliance in Hazel Twigg is based upon.

I was in a rush so didn’t read the article. I did happen to notice that on the inside of the hat there was a picture of the fortunate man’s unfortunate hat:



Back to the snowman’s tale: the night before last I was at a friends barn with some other friends, including of course The Mayor. This is no ordinary barn. It’s filled with hunting trophies, memorabilia from old Rolfe, and all sorts of nifty things. Everywhere you look, there’s something to see! Except for its size, it’s very un-barnlike. It also had heat, and most importantly for that fine evening, a big screen TV. The Iowa Hawkeye game was on!

1vaallWe were all talking, as people do, and my current doll came up in the conversation, along with her companion and his unusual hat. Well, guess what: IT WAS THE HOST’S OWN FATHER. Not only that, but framed up on the wall, surrounded by yellowed old newspaper clippings, was that very same hat. In the flesh – or the cloth, as it were.

So our little Parson – who is very big to Victoria – will be coming with a little bit of history of his own. And that is Parson’s Tale.

1rgalaRaven, who was O.L.D. No. 59, never got her just dues! I had a post written in my head (Everybody Loves Raven) and everything! I just got too far behind to catch up. Luckily, she ended up in good hands: Michelle E. of Colorado! THANK YOU, Michelle!

And with that, I leave you! Happy Monday Eve, you’re my favorite.

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6 Commentsto The Snowman’s Tale

  1. Sue Ann says:

    Greetings & Merry Christmas to you & yours! What a beauty Victoria & Snowman are! As always SUPER job you did with the whole thing love the news hat & the story behind Rolfe farmer & what could have been a tragedy, but wasn’t! This is so adorable like all of your creations, Ruth! I am anxious to get the book for my niece (read it first)! I mailed her package & put the note you sent about the slight delay; so all is well! You’re MY favorite! Merry Christmas! Hugs, Sue Ann

    • Ruth says:

      SUE ANN!

      Thank you for your patience! The books are flying here to Rolfe as we speak, and then little elves will get them ready to go. Can’t wait for you to read it and to hear what you think!

      YOU ARE SO KIND. Merry Christmas with a capital C to you!



  2. Libby says:

    I hope the debut of Hazel Twigg met expectations and then some! My copy will travel a path much like Sue Ann’s; lapped up by eager adult eyes before going on to a book-loving niece. In between I plan to show her off to our head librarian (I’ve always been better at ‘show’ than ‘tell’).
    I enjoyed the layers of stories behind Parson’s hat (your life, Ruth, at least the portions I know of, seems riddled with happy coincidences). The neat part was learning that Rolfe is in Pocahontas County – nice name! But I forgot for a bit that Rolfe is in Iowa and that certain people may not have been as thrilled as I when my home town team pulled out the win at the very end of the game. Sorry about that. Will you be rooting for a Big10 victory over Alabama?

    • Ruth says:

      It is. It IS! My life is riddled with happy and unusual coincidences!

      Please DO take your book around to libraries. The more the merrier!

      And, HMPF! Note I didn’t put the game’s outcome on my blog. YOW! That was painful. Congrats on your teams win, though (she said in a good sportish kind of way).

      That was actually the first college football game I’ve watched. I’m more of an NFL kind of girl. If I started watching all the college games too, I’d be even further behind!

      Cheers, winnerwinnerchickendinner!

  3. Gloria says:

    Did you know that man was Dan Allen’s dad. I think he was hit by lightening another time. You would have liked him.

    • Ruth says:

      Yep! Not until later! The newspaper was laid out in such a way that a quick glance didn’t tell me so I decided to read it later. I saw the lightning struck hat at the Bud Barn.

      ‘Morning, Gloria!