The Scent of Good & Evil

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elfruit1BLWe’ve all come across that person in our lives – probably more than once. You know the type: the one that bathes in perfume? Marlene is that type of person. It clings to everything she touches, the non-elusive Fleur de Cochon that she loves to wear. It clings to the gifts that she brings with bad intentions in Chapter 20 Bearing Gifts.

Fruit and perfume do not mix. It doesn’t help that she is not a pleasant person.


The Magical Elixir.




However! There are some bathers in scents I don’t mind! I guess it’s all in the nose of the beholder. I once heard a news person ridicule teenage boys for wearing too much cologne. NO! HUSH, you moron! I think that’s a right of passage kind of thing, and it must be gone through. We teenage girls depended on it! I did, at least.

In fact, it’s part of my very first kiss. One of the few times in my life that I FLOATED. Have you ever floated? You know, that state where you are so blissfully happy and surprised and swept off your feet that you don’t remember how you got from point A to point B? Well, that first kiss is the most specific floating time I remember. It was magical.

And it was bathed in ELSHA.

I was at an out of town youth church conference and at the final evening there was to be a dance. I didn’t know anyone there very well and I was an awkward girl. Shy and tongue-tied and a little bit chubby. But I also longed for romance, so I went to the dance and did what I always did: stood there and tried to look natural and not awkward and like I would be a fun partner. After zero success I was just about to go back to my dorm, forlorn, when a boy asked me to dance.


THESE girls I know! I think this was around Junior High. Ah, the awkwardness of youth!
Sherri, Me, Caroleen and Nancy.

“Sure,” I mumbled, as if it wasn’t the very first time.

We danced and talked and at the end of the evening he walked me outside. We stopped, he looked down at me.

And he kissed me. A real kiss, not like those quick little pecks in grade school playing “Catch & Kiss,” where the boys would chase the girls and if they caught them, they would kiss them (I mastered the art of tripping on purpose. I tripped a LOT).

But this kiss was real. And when it was done, I floated. Floated back to my dorm room where my roommates that I had only known for a few days could tell I’d been kissed. I could only nod when they asked as I helplessly floated past them and into my bedroom, somehow shutting the door behind me. Wanting to be alone. Not wanting to have the moment spoiled. Wanting to savor.

Reader, I have never seen him since and I can’t tell you what he looked like or even his first name, but it was perfect. And I smelled of Elsha for days.

So not all scent-bathings are bad. Some are downright Heavenly.

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5 Commentsto The Scent of Good & Evil

  1. David says:

    Oh, I remember that. I bought at least one bottle. It was quite expensive, it seems. I wonder if it is still available…. I’ll be kind and not post the year it was popular in my crowd. Hahahaha

    • Ruth says:

      PHEW! When I first read “I remember that” I thought you were saying you were my long lost kiss!

      And yes, yes. It was a while ago…*ahem!*

      I found some ELSHA on ebay. It goes for quite a bit! I had no idea it was so “spendy,” as we here in Iowa say.


  2. Melody says:

    Love the pic of you and the girls from the ‘way back whens’! I remember you all looking very much like that!

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