The Pond

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There are more fish in the ocean than ever came out of it.

pondOh, I hope so. Because it’s been almost eight years since I left my broccoli un-loving husband. And I’m ready to jump into the water again. ‘Cept, I’m land-locked! And a very sparsely populated land it is, too!

And in that sparse land, I spend most my time indoors, shut into my sewing room! Amongst dolls, that yes, talk to me, but…well. It’s not quite the same.

Shockingly, no one’s just randomly coming to my door. Well, there was a person or two, carrying bouquets of corn and gifts of canned goods. So sweet! But they weren’t quite right for me. I have long since decided to never, ever be a bit player in the romance part of my life again.

pond2There have been one or two times that I’ve been interested in someone, and in my mind I knew something would come of it and it was just a matter of time. I was quite positive they feel the same way and we were dancing the same dance and simply taking our time.

I happily went about my business, content in the knowledge that love was just around the corner. Only to discover it was all in my mind as they waltzed off with someone else!


I haven’t been on so much as a date.  Iowa is not a sea. It’s more like a pond. A pond with very few fish to choose from, and a lot of them are hidden by algae disguised as corn.

pond5In the years that I’ve been here, single friends and acquaintances have come along and been snatched up by fishermen that I didn’t even know were there. How did they do that? I asked them, mystified. A website, they responded. I learned about this website two years ago and have now finally, finally decided that…it’s time.

Our Time.

pond6Bet you were expecting Nope! “Our Time” is a website for 50+ year olds. It’s a strange thing, being single this time around vs. when I was 28. “Do you want kids?” and “How many?” has been replaced with cries of “I look young for my age!” and “I still have all my teeth!”

It’s no cheap thing to join this site and right now I am a starving artist. I couldn’t afford the less expensive six month bargain, so I plunked down my money for one month. A month in which I’ll be having a surgery, so I’ll be out of commission for a portion of it. But I’ll still be able to write!

pond4Which is a good thing. I am not going to be getting my feet wet until I’m ready. Slower than Austen slow, that’s me. And this time he will know exactly what he’s getting. And he will love it.

If I can find him.

Most likely, nothing will come of it and I will never mention that I was looking ever again. But if it does, you’ll be the second to know.

Happy Monday!

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2 Commentsto The Pond

  1. Melody says:

    Good luck Ruthie! Someone will snatch you up quick! You are too good to pass up!!

    • Ruth says:

      You would think so! Well, my MOM would think so! And yet, it appears there’s still an effort that needs to be made, and I’m so busy with all that needs doing before my surgery and in general! Perhaps I should have waited a month for my one shot deal…

      But thank you, Melody! Tell yer friends!