The Lost Weekend

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Tomorrow is the start of the weekend. I love weekends! But there is one that I would almost rather forget. You see, my son had this special homework assignment…


Everything's finally PERFECT.

Everything’s finally PERFECT.

This weekend Adam had this in depth homework assignment on South America that was due on Monday. Meanwhile, I had been working feverishly trying to get chores and errands out of the way so that we could have Sunday completely, gloriously free for the Super Bowl. Saturday morning bright and early, we decided to tackle Adam’s report.

We toiled for nearly three hours and barely made a dent. It didn’t help that he’d left his book at school. I was getting mad at how the details of the homework were trickling out of Adam one by one, as if they were coming to him in some kind of vision.


I see it! It’s coming to me!

“I need to pick seven countries in South America and write about their cultures.”

“Okay.” Work, work, work…

“And two places to visit in each of them.”

“What?! Okay, well, we’ll have to go back.” Work, work, work…

“Actually, I’m supposed to be writing as if I’d taken a seven day trip to South America.”

“NO! Grrrrr! All right.” Work, work, work…


“Plus what hotels I stayed in and what I would do on $400 a day.”

*Silent Simmer* …Work…

“And which airports we’d use for each country.”




We stopped for the day.

The following morning was Superbowl Sunday and I woke up already frustrated. I knew we had an insurmountable task ahead, but we tackled it with grim determination. Maybe we could still be done by game-time. Things quickly flames1devolved into arguments and tears of despair and it dripped over from the report and morphed into “My whole life sucks!”


Things calmed down, but there was just no way we would ever finish in time. Finally I said, “Adam, I don’t want you to think another minute of this. Go put it in your backpack and I’ll write a note for you to take to the teacher. This assignment will just have to be late.”

We tried to enjoy what was left of the weekend. By the time the Superbowl rolled around I had a headache and slept through most of it. roses photos

The following morning I loftily wrote a note to the Social Studies teacher, about how “life’s too short,” and how perhaps they could learn from us about “stopping and smelling the roses.” After school, Adam came breezing in with a slightly sheepish look on his face.

The homework wasn’t actually due until the following Friday.

And that, my friend, is how you Lose a Weekend. Viva la Summer!

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