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Well, it’s not secret; I am a trifle odd when it comes to my dolls. And as my mother and I have toiled and labored, counting and recounting and studying and analyzing, there are some who were simply too far gone.

I do not take this lightly!

In the back of my mind, as early back as Chapter 4’s Stuffed, I wondered how to explain them: Where did those boxes of “Teeth” and “Eyes” crammed into Ruth’s old white car come from? They had to come from somewhere! Or someone’s.

Yesterday afternoon after two days of counting we got to the nitty gritty of dolls. Dolls with arms or legs or heads or bodies that were damaged beyond repair. What to do?



Maybe one of these would work.

There is a code amongst all dolls at the factory: should they be lucky enough to be loved beyond Mint, beyond reason even, and should they have anything left to give that might let another doll continue on with her journey to be loved again, said doll will give what she has to give. In that way she can also be loved again. At least a part of her.


These eyes might get a second chance to see.

And that is better than nothing.

So as I say goodbye to a few of these old faces that have given and received so much love, that is how I get past it. Their legs will help another doll walk again. Their arms will hold another little girl close.

It truly is hard for me to say goodbye! But these dolls are giving the best gift of all. That of second chances.

Several of my dolls will get second chances at love thanks to the sacrifices of The Givers.

And on that slightly odd note, have a great weekend!

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