The Girl Who Could Google (just not very well!)

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She’s as pretty as she is good.

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, then you’ll know that I believe in fairies. And lucky me, I’ve been blessed with a lot of fairies in my life. So many out there! So many too choose from! But on this particular day, we shall be focusing on Fairy Jennifer, who is one of the fairest fairies that I know, and at random times when I’ve needed a fairy the most.

fjFor example, once when I was laid up from an operation and happened to mention that I was craving a diet Coke, Abracadabra! (which is as you know the magical word that fairies say), a 12 pack of diet Coke appeared at my doorstep!

Or another time when my son was coming for Christmas, and I lamented that fact that the Scentsy bar fragrance “Festival of Trees” had been discontinued. My son balked at the fact that I was using a vintage aluminum tree in place of a “real” one. The scent of a Christmas tree can go a long way in creating the illusion, and that particular Scentsy scent is the Christmasiest of all! Apparently I’m not the only onfj1e who thought this, because when I searched on ebay, and they were selling for $30 each, which is five or six times the going rate. I asked Jennifer if she happened to have any (she’s me and The Mayor’s Scentsy dealer) and Abracadabra! There it was! Festival of Trees. A Christmas miracle!

fj2Or one time she brought me a nifty and fun bag of costume jewelry she’d found at a garage sale. When she saw it, she thought of me and figured it looked like something I could use, and Voila! (sometimes fairies like to mix it up with their magical incantations). She presented it to me and it was chock FULL of treasures. Lots of little cameos and other things perfect for my little O.L.D.s.


The Old

There are many, many other examples, but the one I’m focusing on today is Jennifer’s nifty online sleuthing abilities. The person in the title refers to me, not her. Because Jennifer can Google and Facebook like nobody’s business! She reads this blog (hi Jennifer!) and therefore knows that I have been lamenting the fact that I was out of “Made Especially for You by Ruth” labels. I’d searched high and low and off and on without success. Guess what? Jennifer found the exact labels in just a couple of minutes! They still make them today!


The NEW!

Last Friday they arrived. I’m going to finish up with the “Ann” labels and then! New “Ruth” labels! For Antiques Roadshow purposes, the font on “Ruth” is different. Excellent! I therefore want to say, THANK YOU JENNIFER!! You’re one of my FAVORITE FAIRIES!!

(which is saying a LOT, because I am very Fairy-rich)

Happy Tuesday and my love to you all!

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4 Commentsto The Girl Who Could Google (just not very well!)

  1. Sue Ann Blott says:

    Greetings Ruth Ann…LOL! So, see you my dear Ruth, are so loved by many, that you are receiving Fairy Gifts, because you give sooo much to others, in the OLD dolls you create! It’s a no brainer, cause everyone loves you and your creativity, your wisdom, your talent, YOU ARE LOVED, my friend! Keep on truckin. Doll Hugs, Sue Ann

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you, Sue Ann! Just saw this at this late time. I’ve been writing all day! My biggest goal is to finish this last major chapter.

      YOU ARE SO SWEET!! And APPRECIATED!!! Infinity.



  2. Cindy Nielsen says:

    Ruth, I too am a doll maker, I live in Racine Wis. and travel to Zion Ill. on Tues. nights to get creative. Mostly porcelain repro. on comp. bodies. Just want to say how much I truly enjoy your BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS on Ebay each week! WOW! I’ve been trying hard to win one and will do so….I Love your work! You are giving me some great inspiration. Thank you for that. I am happy to hear that you are surrounded by wonderful fairies, as its people like yourself that spread the love that should be!

    • Ruth says:

      Wisconsin? We’re practically NEIGHBORS! Go Packers!

      Taking time to get creative is ALWAYS a good thing to do. What fun!

      Thank you for your kind words regarding what I do. It makes all the pondering and toil worth it!

      Also nice to see someone who CAPITALIZES the occasional WORD the same way I do. Hee!

      May you always be surrounded by fairies as well! Hope you see this.