The Four Corners of the APOCALYPSE

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Why, what a pleasant house! What a lucky person that must live there!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd I am, actually. Very lucky. I’ll also be a BLESSED person if I can make it, say, FIVE more years without a bat incident. “Oh! There she goes on about those BATS again!” you’re probably muttering to yourself.

Well, yes. Because this week Chapter 30 will make its debut and there are just 36 chapters in all. We are getting near the end! The end that almost caused me to need therapy after the research and the writing of it.

It all takes place in this very attic. The attic which you are about to see. My brave mother worked up there mostly BY HERSELF and dared to take pictures!

The first:

attic1See those stairs? Remember them. A lot of the action takes place right there. The flotsam below is stuff bound for “big” garbage day in a month or so.

There are four peaks in my attic that radiate out from the center where the chimney is.

Attic2There are deep, dark corners and very high peaks. And a dinosaur.



More stuff for garbage day. ‘Cept, not the windows. Or the chandelier. Or the umbrella…

I actually love my attic. Or, I will again.

In five years.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!!

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