The Coats Off Their Backs. And Blankets, and Blouses…

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1hgalFrom my description for O.L.D. No. 64, Helen the Unlikely Hero. You can see her adoption page HERE:


It was such a cute jacket, too. LAST WEEK.

I want you to know, I don’t go around to friends houses and immediately start cutting up their clothes. But when a friend mentioned that she was getting rid of “this rack of clothes here,” and I spotted a gray jacket, I POUNCED. And she willingly gave it to me. So! From the cutest gray jacket EVER (that definitely wouldn’t fit me. This friend is very tiny), I finally got to make a gray coat for a doll, just like I always wanted. It’s double-breasted with a deep pleat in the back and it’s fully lined.


I wish I could remember where I got this blanket. Thank you, whoever gave me this!

1hfbI don’t only use fabric for clothing! I use clothing for clothing! And blankets. And piano scarves. And handkerchiefs. You get the idea.

Besides being a Hero, who got my out of my doldrums, Helen is the first Simplicity O.L.D. of 2016! I’ve decided that Simplicity dolls shall always have jammies. Helen was also gifted with a robe.


Here’s what remains of this once lovely and now loved blouse, who has lined many an O.L.D.’s coats – including Helen’s.

HDJSo to all of you who have given me things, and there are MANY, Brandi, Cheryl, Coppelia, Diane, Janey, Jane, Jennifer, Jule, Julie, Jennifer and Suzanne, to name a few, I say THANK YOU. I shall continue to strive to put such things to good use. Your sacrifices shall not be in vain!

O.L.D. No. 63 (poet!) Thyme was adopted by…Lorrie N., of Monroe, Michigan! Lorrie also received a free book as promised for O.L.D.’s who go over a certain amount. She had me dedicate it to her sweet husband, who – as all good husbands do – indulges her in her love of dolls. Thank you, Lorrie! Thank you, Frank!


Here is Helen before again. That sweet, smiling girl in the red lace dress.

And w1tb1ith that, I leave you! Happy Sunday Eve, you’re my favorite!

Go Broncos! Unless you’re going for the other team. I’ve heard there was one…kidding!





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4 Commentsto The Coats Off Their Backs. And Blankets, and Blouses…

  1. Deb Garber says:

    Love your new doll and her outstanding stylish coat. You are amazing with a sewing machine. Keep them coming I look forward to the next one.

  2. Sue Ann says:

    Helen is a beauty; LOVED what you did for her in the fantastic wardrobe department! Great Hat & coat & all is terrific, Ruth! Have been busy nursing my hubby with bronchitis. And of course the Super Bowl kept us busy! Doll Hugs! Sue Ann

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you, Sue Ann!

      So sorry to hear about your hubby. At least he had an excellent Super Bowl to keep him occupied! That was the BEST.