The Charm

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Alien2Remember that bell that tolled yesterday? Turns out it wasn’t for Betty Bell, it was for me! ‘Tis a jingly thing, and not to be avoided!

As suspected, I have yet another hernia. Yesterday I went to the doctor to confirm it, today I’m going in for a CT scan, and a week from tomorrow, whoosh! Another operation! Let’s hope the third time’s the charm.

So Betty Bell will have to wait a little while, and it looks like I temporarily won’t be able to keep my vow of having one doll available at all times.

Worst of all, I won’t get to do some of my favorite hobbies for the foreseeable future, like…

Sword Swallower…


Karate Master…


Belly dancer…


Good. More time to edit! We are doing the final edits for the downloadable book. A select group of folks are reading as we speak. I’ll take their suggestions to make this the best book possible. My brother Dennis who is also a writer told me, “A book is never finished, you simply have to stop.” Excellent point. Because I always want to work, work, work on Hazel Twigg some more and would rewrite forever if given the chance. But after this, we stop.

Until the printed version. Yeah, I’ll probably want to make a few changes for that.

In the meantime, things happen for a reason. I firmly believe that. God’s in His heaven, all is right in the world.

Happy Friday eve day!

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2 Commentsto The Charm

  1. Alissa says:

    Sorry to hear you have to endure another surgery. I hope this is the “charm” and you won’t have to have any more.