The Bigger They Are…

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While Carole is not a Sewickley doll, this collar is from what I call the “Sewickley Stash.”

I’ve never seen Dot at a loss for words before, but there she was, staring at the newcomer, saying nothing at all. I could see why. It wasn’t just that this new girl was tall – the tallest O.L.D. so far – it was that she was BIG. Big everywhere!

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” I asked. She had one of the friendliest faces I’d seen.

“Carole with an “e,” she promptly replied.

1ccoatThese big girls are tricky and sometimes hard to place. Not every prospective little mother out there has space for a girl like this!

Dot still hadn’t made a sound, Betty stood at her side, sweet and quiet as always. They looked so small, what with Carole towering over them. I looked at the small space on the sofa, where Dot and Betty had been sitting together reading before the knock came at the door. Suddenly, I had an idea…

ssinspThus begins Carole with an “e”s description. She is O.L.D. (Once-Loved Doll) No. 67 and you can see her adoption page HERE.

The average height of the dolls I usually present is around 16″ give or take, thanks to the large number of 13″ girls that I love so much. Carole is a respectable 26″. Imagine a room full of these large girls. Not everyone has the space! So I had to make her clothing extra, extra special and try that much harder to do right by her. Therefore she took more time than most. Her coat alone took me two days!

1ctag1Plus, I wanted to make more than one dress for her. The vintage seersucker I’ve had on hand for years had become almost invisible to me. Until Carole arrived! It practically leapt off the shelf – after wriggling it’s way out from between aaaallll the other fabrics.

1callTraditionally, seersucker is blue and white stripes. I had solid royal blue, and red, white and blue stripes, which made a more patriotic outfit a natural direction in which to go.

And for the first time ever, I was able to use baby shoes on her feet. The straps have to buckle at the very last hole to fit! They’re the cutest things, patent leather with suede soles from the 40s or 50s.

So here we have a very large girl, wearing human-sized shoes and taking up as much fabric as two or three regular-sized O.L.D.’s! How could she possibly not take up more space?!

Being big in size also means you have a generous lap for others to sit upon. When placed that way, Carole takes up very little room at all. Plus, other dolls enjoy her company.

“Pat in the Hat(s)” Patsy was adopted by Hillary P. of New York, NY! She is the same excellent woman who adopted the tooty-fruity Carmen Miranda. Thank you, Hillary!

And with that on this beautiful, Spring-like day, I leave you! Happy Thursday, you are my sunshine! And, of course, my favorite.



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