Tears For A Clown

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I don’t have much time this morning since we had several power outages last night, therefore I’m choosing a someone who fits the bill: It’s rare that a BOY doll comes through the hideaway, and though nearly 100 years old, his expression speaks volumes.

Everybody loved him! Everyone was sad to see him go! But he was meant for a very special little girl who needed him even more than we did.

He came to me naked and I was going to make a sweet little sleeper for him, since he was barely past the baby stage and had only just learnt to walk, but he kept saying, “Cown! Cown!”

I had no idea what he was trying to say (Cow? Gown? Oh dear…), but the resourceful little fellow pulled out a picture book and showed me. “Ahh, a clown! I see!”

I snapped a picture or two just before he left...

I snapped a picture or two just before he left…

Since he was so small, it didn’t take a lot of time to make his outfit although I tried to sew as slowly as possible because I knew that it was going to be hard to let him go. Finally, there was no more putting it off.

We had just said our last goodbyes. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house – except for me, somebody has to be the adult and keep it together – when suddenly he struggled to get out of my hands. It was a moment of mixed emotions. I knew he was needed out there, however if he really wanted to stay…

But no. He simply ran to the dining room table that held a vase of flowers from the garden.

“Fower, peas!” he cried, reaching up his chubby hand.

He looked so adorable, clutching that small flower that still dwarfed him. I took another picture or two and then off he went, this time leaving us with smiles on our faces.

Such a lust for life in one so young and old! I think of him often and I know that wherever he is, he is loved.

Two tiny friends wanted one last shot.

Two tiny friends wanted one last shot.

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2 Commentsto Tears For A Clown

  1. Jane Agle says:

    What a sweet, precious little guy. He must have been so happy with his new suit.

  2. Nancy From Food Ave Target Kirkwood. says:

    Great Pic!