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It’s Not Over Because She Can’t Sing

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????“What’s that terrible noise?” Dot cried out, hearing the screeching coming from just outside the front door.

“It is I, let me in!” the awful sound repeated.

“I think that sound is supposed to be music. Somebody’s singing!” said Betty.

“You mean trying to sing,” corrected Dot.

Meet (Brun)Hilda! O.L.D. No. 00032. You can see her adoption page HERE.

fat ladies

Inspiration Ladies

fat lady barbie1

This Barbie was helpful for color scheme especially.

Do you ever have those times when you sing everything? Heaven knows I do! Rattling around in this old house, alone for days on end – except for the Once-Loved Dolls that surround me. Sometimes I narrate my entire day in song, making up the words and tune as I go.

Well, that kind of time is where Hilda dwells. She sings. She sings everything! And unfortunately, she can’t carry a tune. However, fortunately, it’s still not an offensive sound that comes from between her lips. It’s quite endearing, actually. Deciding to turn her into a Viking Opera singer was an easy decision to make.

HildabaShe arrived without eyelashes! A lot of these dolls have this problem. Usually I give them a bit of eyeliner, which is much easier than the more involved methods I’ve run across that would have you smashing a doll’s head in half with a hammer, removing the eye mechanism, replacing the eyelashes, re-installing the eyes, and patching the head, painting the repaired seam to match. A bit of eyeliner sounds WAY more doable.

HlashBut with Hilda I noticed that the little slit where her eyelashes had been was really quite large. Ooh! I decided to give it a try. I got two little paintbrushes with natural bristles and after a few tries, voila! It worked!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Mayor, aka my sister and best friend Julie, has to listen to me talk all week about how things are going with the latest O.L.D.

The “rivets” on Hilda’s helmet, breastplate and shield are tiny different-sized beads that I sewed on individually by hand. I was complaining a bit to Julie about how hard to was to sew these beads with a needle and thread through two layers of leather and a third layer of chipboard.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Why are you using leather?” she very reasonably asked. “Why not just the chipboard, since you’re going to spray paint it anyway?’

“Um….” I had no good answer. “I just wanted to use leather, is all…” I mumbled.

Then, when she finally got to see the doll via the listing, Julie asked, “How did you get all those pits into it? It looks like real metal!”

“Yes, well, that’s why I wanted to use leather!” I cried. “I was planning it that way the whole time!” Sometimes my sub-conscious knows things way before I do…bless Julie’s heart, she puts up with a lot. A LOT. And bless her also, she’s always excited to see these dolls after hearing about them all week.

fat lady feltnotes staffOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So now Hilda, aka Brunhilda (with an “a”) is ready to go. I shall miss our duets! She truly has been a joy to work with, bruised and pricked fingers and all.

Georgette was adopted by Michelle E. in Colorado! I’ve actually lost count of how many O.L.D.’s she has. Whatever the number, it’s a record, I know that. Thank you, Michelle!

And with that I leave you. Happy Wednesday, you’re my favorite, tra-la-lah! (that was me, singing)…


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Did It Happen?

Yes, it did! Chapter 12 The Wakening made its debut – with a black and white sketch in place of the final illustration. Nina says she’ll have the color version to us today, so the sketch won’t be there for long.

Fender2barafendWhile I give a bit o’ time for you to read, I Shall Vamp.

Ah, Halloween! As I’ve mentioned, some costumes that I made over the years are less successful than others. In my defense, the character that Adam wanted to be was a very thin, fragile thing. It was Fender, from the movie R.O.B.O.T.S. But not just any Fender, no! Fender from when he was dressed as a Viking woman.

My son is a little odd. I wonder where he gets it?

So I did my very best.

Fender 2

You would not believe how hard I worked on this thing. Trying to figure out the engineering of his face was the hardest! And his hands. Adam is very specific and detail-oriented, and I liked that! I liked the challenge of it.

The other tricky thing was figuring out what to use for each component. Like his different-sized, um, chest cover thingies.

Fender 1

After all that work, it was once again one of those years where I failed to get good photos of him. I completely missed out on his shoes! The final outfit was so-so, and not the hit we usually aim for.


This one’s blurry, but it shows the tips of his horns.

Let’s hope the same can’t be said about Chapter 12 The Wakening! Ooh! We’re on the second column of chapters!

Vamping complete! See you tomorrow.