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My favorite warmer, The Owl! Given to me for my birthday by my sister Julie (aka you-know-WHOO).

It was such an odd thing that I had to try it. My sister Julie (aka, The Mayor) and I will on occasion have a party with all our friends. A smelling party. A Scentsy party, to be specific.

So there we sit, just we two, sniffing over cans of diet Coke. For those of you who don’t know, Scentsys are these little wax bars that melt in lovely wax melters of different shapes and sizes, giving off a glorious scent.

TV2bSometimes we sit cross-legged on the porch, but more often than not, we’ll go a more civilized route and sit cross-legged on Julie’s living room floor, pads of paper and pencils at the ready, sniffing little tubs organized in a ever so neat and dainty manner by our Scentsy dealer, good friend Jennifer herself (who would be at our party were she not already familiar with the season’s latest smells) and we sniff. And sniff. And sniff some more.

We scrawl down our choices and whittle them down to six. It is our *one true weakness. Besides the diet Coke.

TV1When I saw the little tub with the hint of green, I looked in disbelief at the name on the lid. “Tomato Vine?” I shrieked out loud. Yep, that’s what it said! I unscrewed the lid and did what I’d been doing all afternoon…I sniffed. And was transported. Transported to a garden in the heat of summer, even as the cold winds of winter blew and blustered outside. This little tub of green smelled uncannily, exactly like a tomato vine!

Reader, I became a thrill-seeker. I put it down on my list. Even as I whittled my list to six (the number to get a discount), “Tomato Vine” remained. It was several days after receiving my order that I dared burn it, fearing it would smell like burnt tomato vines, or rotten stewed tomatoes, but no. It smells exactly like what it is.



Scaredly Cat Julie! Pfffft!

And while I long for winter’s return, because that’s how I am and how I’ve always been ever since I discovered there was such a lovely beast as snow, I love the smell of Summer. And to me, “Tomato Vine” is every good thing about summer.

So if you were to come to my house, do not be fooled if I answer the door with a smudge of dirt across my forehead and clumsy gardening gloves suspiciously on my hands and the smell of freshly grown tomatoes seeping forth from my abode. First off, what would I be doing gardening inside? Second off, I do not have a green thumb! That would be Julie’s (aka The Mayor’s) domain.

But she did not dare to try “Tomato Vine” Scentsy.

That would be me!

P.S. Our Carol Jane is doing fine and may be heading to foreign lands! Emily Grace will also soon be making entry into the Portal as well. I may go out of order next. Sunny Joy, Once-Loved Doll No. 6 is begging me, and she is the smallest of this first batch and therefore hard to resist!

*One true weakness is a reference to “Larkrise to Candleford,” a BBC series that is another of Julie and my’s weaknesses. Guess we have several of them!

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