The Meeting at the Mirror

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Safely(ish) Docked

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Did it happen? Yes it did! Just when I’d decided that “punt” meant wait until next time…next week. But, nope! As my brothers are doing everything they can to help my mother with very real tasks, they took time out for their sister as well. I tell you, I feel like the luckiest girl alive to be a part of this family.

Chapter 15 The Meeting at the Mirror made it!

The reason for the “ish” is that something ELSE finally happened! MY drawings in the chapter, JUST LIKE I’VE BEEN DREAMING OF FOR WEEKS AND WEEKS!! And…Oh. Hmm. Not nearly as nifty as I thought they would look….

The two sketches bridge the gap between previous batch drawn months ago and the batch that I just drew last week. Proof. Not any better! Nina! NINA!!! I GIVE!!!

My brother has also put status notes by the chapters, indicating whether it’s my sketches, or Nina’s sketches, or full color, etc. When does this wizard sleep, I wonder?


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