The Doll Book of Rules

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About Chapter 13: The Question & The Quest

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“Selfie” taken of Ruth & Elizabeth for Nina’s benefit. I can’t remember if it was Elizabeth or me holding the camera, but MY, that’s close! I am a brave, brave woman…

Finally! Elizabeth arrives!

If you want to see a grown woman walking around with a doll, standing her on the floor and checking heights of dolls vs. doorknobs, then come on over.

See?! THAT is why the book had to take place in this house rather than Julie’s: Because I needed it right here for the smallest and tallest things, and to test the levels of stair creakiness. Also because I know every nook and cranny (except for the deep, dark corners of the attic. I’m no fool!) like the back of my hand.

Elizabeth forms a quick bond with Hazel, transferring her affections from Ruth because that is the way it is supposed to be.

This is from version 13.5:

Elizabeth blinked her eyes, first trying to figure out where she was. She didn’t remember going to sleep here! Where was she? 

Being a doll, she knew the rules: If she were awake, that meant that someone was nearby who believed, someone who would love her with all their heart. It felt so good to be alive again! But what day was it? What year was it? 


Elizabeth’s eyes are tin. So yes, if she cries too much, they will indeed rust.

“Once the magic with your human has ended, you will go back to sleep, lucky to have been truly loved. There is a rare possibility that you will be loved more than once. If you are so fortunate, then and only then will you awake.  At that time you will love your new human to the exclusion of all others, including past humans.”

This more than anything else had been drummed into her at the factory, and at the time she couldn’t imagine it ever being a problem. First of all, it was so rare, and second of all, wouldn’t a body be so happy about being alive and loved again that they wouldn’t care about their past humans? 

It was an excellent opportunity when Hazel came into the picture. Because how to reconcile an entire book with a grown woman and a doll? Oh, sure, it happens here in real life (good thing there are no hidden cameras at my house!), but I was hard-pressed to try and write a believable story with that scenario.

And on that note, Happy Halloween, all!

Gee, I hope there’s no candy left when the night is done…*ahem!*

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