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The Adventure That Never Was…Yet

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ColdBirdJulie and I agree: EVERY day is an adventure in Iowa! But alas, some of them never actually happen.

The day before yesterday I felt an ever-so-subtle chill in the air. This is Iowa! This is Winter! Such is to be expected, is it not? However, THIS chill was in my house. My heater! It stopped working! And wind chill temps that night were to be in the double-digit lows!

Even today, our high is 9 with a “feels like” of -5. Brrrrr!

I called the repair company and prepared to snuggle with my pets, as all good Cat Lady of Reliance‘s do. If my boiler was broken for good, I certainly didn’t have the necessary thousands of dollars to replace it. Yikes!

coldbird1In addition, I prepared to live like Bob Cratchit from my favorite Christmas tale, A Christmas Carol, and bundle up in blankets and warm my hands by candlelight. No way did I dare light a fire in my fireplace! Have you seen my roof? ‘Tis wood shingles, and crispy, old, well-seasoned ones at that!

Of course, if my house caught on fire, I would definitely be warm…for a little while…hmm…

Secretly, I enjoy these kinds of situations a tiny bit. I call them “Making a memory!” just like that, with an exclamation point. Oh sure, I could have stayed at Julie’s house, but where’s the adventure in that? I’d already done that when I had bats in my house. More than once, if I recall correctly.

The cold night might not be pleasant, but I’d never, ever forget it. A memory!

The repair guy made it to my house and I sat and anxiously watched, holding my poor cold dog for warmth. Tinker, tinker, tinker…WHOOSH!

coldbird2“You are so lucky,” I heard the repair fellow mutter under his breath. Oil! All it needed was a little oil on this fan thingy!

However, the adventure continues: “It’s just a matter of time,” the hero repair guy told me. “These boilers have a fatal flaw: their pipes are made of cast iron and they rust and soon the rust builds up and clogs and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s just a matter of time…”

Well, PHEW! The adventure continues!

Our artist Nina has a wee bit of catching up to do. So while we wait for Chapter 17’s art to be captured from my GLORIOUS sketches, we just got Chapter 15 The Meeting at The Mirror’s color versions and you’re seeing them here first!

Here’s the color version of the black and white sketch of “The First Quartet,” previously shown in my November 15 post, “I Don’t Know How She Does It”:


And the second illustration for the chapter, “My Little Human!”:


I LOVE all of Nina’s detail! I can certainly understand why she’s a couple of chapters behind. Meanwhile, you can enjoy my lovely sketches in Chapter 17 The Ending & The Beginning.

We are scrambling here to keep things moving along. My brain is warm again so I can forge ahead.

Happy Friday, all! We finally have glorious snow in the forecast! I know you’re all as excited as I…

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