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NEW TEASE and Chapter 5 Art…

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My brother Dennis is a Wizard. I’ll just confess that right here. Look at the NEW teaser for Chapter 2, Smith & Jones in The Discovery:

And now, the art. First off, here’s a bird’s eye view of the basement (I hope it’s what you had in mind from my description as well) that I sketched out so that Nina would know what I meant:


And The Chair. I had sketched it at an angle, but then decided to put in the part about the lever, and Smith & Jones wondering if there was one and if it was on the other side. Therefore the chair needed to sit half and half, but here ’tis:


Nina’s glorious take:


And the t-shirts! I’d been seeing these t-shirts on Pinterest, and loved the idea. A monster head is printed upside down and on the inside of the shirt. Clever! So…














After thinking about it, we decided that we’d rather not see Smith & Jones’ bare chests. Ahem. Enter Nina:


And there you have the artwork for Chapter 5! And the excellent teaser for Chapter 2! Now all you have to do is have a GREAT weekend!


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