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HHOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter having temporarily disappeared from the face of the earth (I was on a secret mission and could focus on nothing else), I now realize that I have left some business undone.

As you may recall, Harriet Peabody was O.L.D. lucky No. 7, who uncannily resembled Hazel herself!

Her adoption date was July 9, and when such an important event occurs, I write about that adoption here.

So! Who adopted Harriet? In a roundabout way, you might say that HAZEL herself adopted Harriet!

Let me start at the beginning…hazelscrollgal“You can find anything on the internet!” people will say. And it’s true. Mostly. But there are times you can’t quite find *exactly* what you’re looking for.

When we decided what we wanted for our logo, Hazel Twigg looking at her pendant, I as usual got to work on a sketch to send to Nina.

Hazel Logo HTO1alogocropEasier said than done. Drawing a picture of a girl looking down is not easy!

Ah, well! We sent my sketch to Nina. Here’s her attempt>>>>

Hazel looked very pretty, but it wasn’t quite what we had in mind. Hazel wasn’t looking down as much as we wanted and she didn’t appear to be looking at her pendant at all.

So our Nina made a second attempt, as well as coming up with a different option:


Nice! But, nope! Still not quite right. How to convey what we wanted, given the distance between us and the Ukraine (where Nina lives. We’re thinking of you Nina & Genn!) and the language barrier?

I scoured Google Images for “girl looking downward.” There weren’t as many choices as you’d think, and the ones they had still weren’t right.

1aaHT_06_Logo_03-1Enter Sophie, my niece. As you can see, she’s a colorful, quirky girl in her own right, and just the right age. My brother took her out onto his patio right after our meeting and took a picture.

So it was Sophie who inspired Nina who got our logo just right. You can see the resemblance.

It’s funny, when I was sewing for Harriet, especially when I was making her headbands with the large flowers, I found myself frequently thinking of Sophie.

When I saw that Harriet/Hazel was going to Sophie, everything clicked. That was EXACTLY where Harriet belonged.


Glad you found a good home, Harriet. And Sophie, may the spirit of tea parties last you all your days.1st

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