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Turn The Page!

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As I wait for tomorrow’s Hazel Twigg & the Hollyhock Hideaway¬†front cover’s debut, I’m going over the last of the tweaking for the coming release of the prologue and first two chapters of the book, along with never before seen artwork for those chapters!

‘Tis a nifty thing, this online book software, with pages that turn easily even on my sometimes slow computer. Not like the Target store ads of old, where I would curse early on a Sunday morning, “C’mon, TURN!” because the pages wouldn’t cooperate. Nope! These pages flip with a click and a satisfying crackle. Hopefully they’ll lead you to want to hold the actual book in your very own two hands.

One of the buggaboos of having brothers who live one hour behind your time is that I can’t ask them right this second when I can reveal the first of the story’s chapter release dates.

So there’s that, and so I won’t. But I know. And soon you will too.

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