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Hush Love, Hush

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hushOne of my all-time favorite plays is Sweeney Todd. Of course, this musical is not everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s mine! Don’t judge by the movie! The play has a dark humor to it that is delightful.

Mrs. Lovett, originated by Angela Lansbury on Broadway, is a role I’ve always wanted to play. I think it’s fair to say that would be highly unlikely here in the wilds of Iowa, but I shall use her and one of the beautiful songs by Stephen Sondheim in today’s post nonetheless and I shall perform the role with spotty frequency here in the wilds of my own home, and all my pets shall mentally applaud and silently demand encores.

I’m sure of it.

So’s, anywho! I went to the doctor’s office last Friday. Apparently, you have to be near death for them to operate right away. Also, you need to have money or some kind of insurance. D’oh! It will happen, but it will take some time.

In the meantime, like most of you I’m preparing for the big day. CHRISTMAS! And I can hardly wait. There’s that word again! “WAIT.”

Not an easy thing to do!


Easy now,
Hush, love, hush,
Don’t distress yourself,
What’s your rush?
Keep your thoughts
Nice and lush,
Slow, love, slow.
Time’s so fast.
Now goes quickly, see
Now it’s past!
Soon will come,
Soon will last.

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