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Don’t Say It!

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LikeThe 1985 Oscars. Almost 30 years ago, and still I cringe. Sally Field, up for Best Actress for her role in Places in the Heart. She wins, and in her acceptance speech uttered those immortal words…

“You like me! You really like me!”

It was the recoil felt ’round the world.

I vow to never utter those words myself. And, yet! Could you, pretty please, go to Hazel Twigg on Facebook and “Like” me? I mean, really like me?

Like1See? DIFFERENT words! Not the exact ones!

I wish I could think of something clever to say so that you would chuckle in delight as you go to Facebook. “Oh, that Ruth!” you would say to yourself as you toddle on over and type into the search window. H-a-z-e-l-space-T-w-i-g-g, enter. LIKE!

I wish I could! But my mind, it is










Seriously. I came this close to writing another Haiku. Happy Tuesday!

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