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Chapter 16 In Living Black & White

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Whoa! Looks like Nina has a lot of coloring to do! If I had more time, perhaps I’d print out her sketches so far, and color ’em myself! I’m sure the results would be…horrendous. Better not.

Chapter 16 The Class With No Name. Here’s my sketch for the first illustration, entitled (of course) “Three Wise Monkeys.”


And here’s Nina’s:


Excellent! It’s as if she’s been to my house! And, LOOK! Why, that’s exactly how I look from behind! Heh. I’ll say it again: I wish Nina could illustrate my life.

Here’s my second sketch, “The Portal.” My Portal looks a little cranky, for some reason. I think it’s the cupboard pulls:

HT-038 The Portal

And Nina’s:


So close to the actual Portal, which is in the same place in my house as it is in the Hideaway, to the right of the fireplace. I have yet to paint it (but I will!):

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s my third sketch for the chapter, “Mr. Horace,” with his mean threat of MINT IN THE BOX. *shudder*

HT-037 Mr. Horace

Nina’s take:


Also excellent! I only requested one small change for the final. I wanted a slightly more outrageous and defined mustache. After all, as it says in the chapter, “He was older with grizzled silver hair and an enormous handle-bar mustache, the curled ends of which framed his ears if you could view him at just the right angle.”

I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted to show Nina what I meant (not that she needs showing, but I always seem to feel the need to show), so I sent the next closet thing:

HT-037 MustacheJust asking for the “top layer of mustache” of course.

There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes. A little re-writing, some fleshing out. I’ve discovered that I’m never satisfied. I always want to do MORE. Even after the “final, final, final” version I send to my brother for the website. MORE. It’ll will actually be a relief when the words are finally set in print.

Of course, there’s always the second edition…

Happy Weekend Before Thanksgiving, All!

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