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A Little Hunger Games Humor, Courtesy of Our Mayor

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As I sew, I frequently play movies in the background over and over, “watching” the same movie several times in a day. It of course has to be a good movie that I enjoy, because I’ll watch it that several times a day for several weeks in a row. And, yet! Lucky me, I have no retention. “Come on, Titanic! TURN!”

My current movie of choice is “The Hunger Games.” Love it! Wish I’d thought of the story! It’s well acted!

There’s this one part that always makes me giggle because of something my sister The Mayor said. She’s a funny girl! So without further ado, here is Julie’s Joke in pictures:



HGhbdvbaHee! I giggle EVERY TIME.

Lastly, in the very last chapter I wanted to have Comedy/Tragedy masks. I was just going to use some I found on Google but my brother Dennis suggested we have Nina do ours so there would be no copyright issue. I’m so glad we did!


Aren’t they beautiful? With that, happy Tuesday! You’re my favorite.

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