Merry Christmas

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When thinking on it, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to use as my first last-blog-post-before-Christmas.

We had started working with Nina a few weeks before the holiday season, and were so pleasantly surprised when we received a delightful gift from her. It took me a little rummaging to hunt it down (this time of year I seem to do a LOT of rummaging. “Now, where is that other Santa?” and “Is there not an entire working string of lights here ANYWHERE?!”).

When I finally found it, I was surprised to see that it wasn’t from Christmas 2012, it was from Christmas 2011. Whoa! Two years! How time flies!

Without further ado, here it is:

Merry Christmas_2011I want you to imagine holding it in your own two hands, and opening it to read the inscription inside, which would say:

With warmest wishes

At this special time of year

Wishing you the happiest of cheer

Merry Christmas! You’re my favorite!

And below that there would be a scribble, and you would say, “What on earth is that?”

I would have to confess: it is my signature. Ironically, I am not a very neat writer. But, look! The “poem” itself kind of looks like a Christmas tree! And you ARE! You ARE my favorite!

As we all get a little busy here, I will be going on hiatus. Until we meet again, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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