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It’s a STAPLE of Iowa!

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This is the picture I sent to Nina for reference on what Scotcharoos are. They say a way to a man’s heart is through his belly. Hmm…Good luck, Marlene. You’re going to need it.

When I first moved to Iowa, there were several words and phrases I’d never heard before, especially pertaining to food. What the heck is “Broasted Chicken”? Why is “Dinner” at noon? What’s a “Made Right”?

But the catchiest new term of all was SCOTCHAROOS. What is it? A cookie? A drink? Turn’s out, it’s a bar! I finally had a chance to have one awhile back and for me it fully captures the essence of Iowa – and most likely, the Midwest – that I love so much: They are Sweet and Old-Fashioned, two of my most favoritest things.

So when the opportunity arose to write an Iowa-centric book, I just had to put some Scotcharoos in there. Guess whose hands I put them in? MARLENE’S, that’s whose! Guess who she’s going to give them to? As if her feminine wiles weren’t enough already…

Tonight, at midnight! Marlene hops aboard her broom again in Chapter 24’s Scotcharoo’d.

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