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Ask Not! For Whom the Bell Tolls…

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor I shall tell you. Betty’s Bell tolls with the ever-so-lovely Lois S., she of New Hampshire. She, the same woman who adopted Sunny and Faith! You can see Betty’s former adoption page HERE. The previously pictured patriotic parade shall take place!

I am thinking of moving to New Hampshire and simply handing my girls over when I’m finished with them. Thank you, Lois!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow for me to get back in the saddle. Oh, sure. Sorting buttons is very, very exciting, don’t get me wrong, but one’s heart can only take so much of the thrill. It’s time. It’s time.

Behold, though! Some of my sorted buttons this lovely morning. Like buttons are stitched together and ready to cut apart. Other buttons are sorted in little baggies, ready to go into cute little decorative and functional jars.

Here is where the magic happens:



My sweet brother donated his excellent wife Suzanne to me for a week, and she in turn donated this most excellent bedside table that swivels and turns for easy convalescent use. Who knew I would get so much use out of it? Not me!

bell5If you look closely, you can see a flashlight. We here in Iowa have had a few power outages of late, to go along with the drenching rain and cracking thunder. It’s all fun and games, and I love going Little House on the Prairie – until I miss an entire episode of “The Bachelorette”!

Even more egregious: Fox cancelled “I Wanna Marry Harry,” quite possibly one of the finest shows ever to air on television!

Well, maybe not quite.

But it was a decent, mindless summer show. A perfect accompaniment to sorting buttons. And now it is gone.

I shall throw myself into sewer mode to get over the loss…Which O.L.D. doll will be next? Whoever shouts the loudest, that’s who!

Until then!




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Back To The Future

BratzThe other day my brother Dennis, who is also a writer, received an email from the makers of Bratz dolls. Seems the company is doing a re-launch and part of their campaign is to get bloggers to hold contests. The company would then provide the participating blogger with one free Bratz doll to be given away as a prize.

Which brings to mind a large part of the reason that I wrote “Hazel Twigg & the Hollyhock Hideaway” in the first place. I explored the Bratz and Bratzillaz websites and part of their credo is to “push boundaries” and to get involved in every kind of career. But it seems to me the only career they’re pushing for is the oldest profession in the book.

Is this what we want for our little girls and young women?

Bad Girls ClubThere’s a television channel geared completely towards females, and one of their main anchor shows is “The Bad Girls Club,” where poor behavior and language and plain ol’ ugliness is apparently encouraged.

Anyone who speaks out is jeered at for being old-fashioned, the lamest thing in the world to be, and the mindset appears to be that a woman’s strength comes solely from her sexuality and ability to swear.




Somewhere along the way the message was lost, because I’m fairly certain that’s not what these women had in mind when they fought for equal rights.

I also don’t think that what’s being portrayed in popular culture is what most mothers want for their little girls, nor is it the way they are raising them.

I believe the majority of mothers feel the way that I feel, that we are just not being represented out there. Wouldn’t it be nice for there to be a voice for the rest of us? Would “Little House on the Prairie” even find an audience today?

cast LHOTP

Sometimes you have to go back to truly move “Forward.”

My answer is a resounding YES. Yes it would, but for some reason we’re not being offered that kind of fare. For some reason, even though ‘G’ rated movies make far more money dollar for dollar than ‘R’ rated movies*, they are few and far between.

While I can’t get out there and make a movie that portrays the values I feel a majority of us have, I can write a book!

So that’s what I did. And I did my best to make it entertaining without glorifying anything that ought not to be glorified. Just call me old fashioned.




*FILM PROFITABILITY STUDY 2012 – The Dove Foundation