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Cat Lady of Reliance

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‘Tis a fine line between being a Person With Pets and becoming The Cat Lady of Reliance, which is why I always limit myself to two cats, no matter WHAT the temptation! But even with such limits, it’s important to take care of one’s own.

The following is a Cat Tale:

This morning as I was minding my own business I heard the ominous sounds of two cats readying for battle and I knew my own sweet Elsie was outside. No! Not on my watch! I immediately ran out of the house this morning sans shoes to rescue her, and I fell down my jagged cement front stairs!

Funny how fast thoughts can flash through your mind in an instant. As I was flying I thought, “Well, that was stupid!” and “This is going to hurt” and “I hope no one is watching” and “I should have worn a cape,” but I must have blocked out what actually happened because I don’t recall.¬† Perhaps I’m getting too old to be a¬†Superhero to a cat – Nah – NEVER!


How will I shave my legs? A river of scabs surrounded by a forest of stubble trees! It’s amazing that SOME man hasn’t snatched me up by now…

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