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Leisl’s Fall-y

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Le BirthA

Photo courtesy of Lois Shimon. Note the bat.

As you may or may not know, Thursday is usually doll day here at the ol’ cork board. And it is! It will be! But first! My debut!

It went very well! I got to talk about my love for Iowa, how this journey began and bats. It was very therapeutic. I am not alone in my fear although I think I can safely say I am still the scardiest cat.

Then I read – out loud and in public! – the prologue and first chapter of my book. No one left or started reading other books (and being in the library, there were hundreds if not thousands around) or fell asleep so…success!

I was a teensy bit disappointed that Colin Firth wasn’t there, but other than that it was perfect.


“Leisl” rhymes with “easel.” You may also recognize the name from The Sound of Music’s “16 going on 17 girl,” – right?

So now we just have a little space and I’ve decided to therefore introduce a little doll to fill it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis poor wee thing! Take note: when you hear a tiny knock at your door make sure you look all around before s-l-o-w-l-y opening it. This diminutive darling was knocked off her pins when my screen door was opened as I simultaneously asked out loud who was there. Thank goodness I happened to look down before stepping out onto the porch, it could have been disastrous!

To make up for it, I made a more than usual elaborate gown with lots of hand beading. She was completely bald, so I made a tiny wig for her with a hank of mohair that I curled with toothpicks and I sewed seed pearls into that too.


In my defense, she was tiny!

Her entire outfit is linen and silk, but she deserved it after the knocking down she’d received when arriving on my doorstep for help! You wouldn’t think it to look at her, but she only spoke German so we never learned what her actual name was. Therefore we called her “Leisl.”

She wasn’t here for long, even with the hand beading. Love is love, and I’m sure that she’s a happy member of someone’s dollhouse somewhere.

ASIGNNow a little plaque hangs on my door, the instructions opposite of what you might find for gifts under a tree:

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