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Finding Your Inner Ha! Cha! Cha!

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Such a quiet girl . . .


. . . until you put a bunch o’ fruit on her head!

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch your name. What did you say it was?”

It was then that I learned that I kind of know how to read lips, because the tall – for a doll, that is – girl standing before me made whispers sound like shouting, but still I understood.

“Miranda!” I exclaimed. “How pretty!”

As I got to know Miranda, I learned the reason for her quietness was that she was extremely shy. Not sullen, not sad, just shy. With Halloween just around the corner, I knew just what to do to get Miranda out of her shell…

Thus begins the adoption page for Miranda. You can see it HERE. She ends this Wednesday.

Our Miranda is a 21″ Effanbee Anne Shirley mold. It’s no secret I love Anne Shirleys! I’ve used them before in previous O.L.D.’s . . .


Interesting how a slight change of skin tone and eye color – and wigs, of course – can change a girl’s appearance.                     Katniss Everdeen, Effie Trinket, May Flowers and Carmen Miranda.


I’ve been wanting to do a Carmen Miranda for a long time and was waiting for an O.L.D. named Carmen to come strolling through my doors. Therefore, it took a little time before I figured out that a Miranda – even an extremely shy one – would do every bit as well!

In anticipation, I’d been swooping up mini fruits whenever I see them in thrift stores. In all that time, I only found one bunch of grapes! Thank goodness I got the little bag that contained them. It’s just not a Carmen Miranda without the grapes!

A previous Carmen Miranda also made a wonderful contribution. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present Our Current & Future MAYOR!


Also a very shy and retiring girl!


When she found out I was going to do a Carmen Miranda, she instantly gave me the fruit jewelry she made! Famous Fruit!



Plus, she’s been a very good Mayor.


Miranda also comes with street clothes, and I made a hat stand for that hat! After all, there’s more to life than cha-cha-cha-ing! Or is there…?



Speaking of generous, I am so very lucky to have so many generous people in my life. SO MANY! If I named them all, this would be a novel rather than a simple blog post.

glcThis time, a shout out goes to Janey! A new old friend that I’ve never yet met. She sent me a box of goodies, and in that box there was a pin to wear. A HAZEL TWIG(G) pin, from the 1940s! It’s made from Bakelite and REAL hazelnuts depicting hazelnuts hanging from a twig. And purchased from a seller in…Iowa! How nifty is that! Thank you, Janey!

I tell you, the signs they are-a overwhelming…

Sweet and brave Gracie went to…Elaine D’A, in Midlothian, Virginia! Thank you, Elaine! I know Gracie will find it easy to be brave in your beautiful state. Especially this time of year. How I love it!

And with that, I leave you! Happy Autumn!! You’re my favorite!


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Trials and Tribute-ations

I was also going to call this post “The Day the Music (Stand) Died.” You’ll soon learn why…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor some reason, you rarely see a composition doll with long, dark hair. Even this girl didn’t start out with her hair that way. Sometime in her life, her wig had been replaced with a human hair wiglet. But when all is said and done, it suited her.

Not only that, despite her blue wool dress, she was something of a tomboy. So I did something I rarely do: I begged her. I begged her to let me dress her as Katniss Everdeen.

“Who?” she asked. Well, of course she wouldn’t know, having been dormant for who knows how many years. But I showed her pictures and she was immediately taken with this character from the Hunger Games series. It helped that her name happened to be “Kat” with a “K,” as in KISMET!

Katniss1aSo it was decided: I would make a hunting outfit for her, the white wedding dress, and if I had time, I would modify the blue dress…Kat stopped me right there. “I want the black wedding dress with the wings,” she said firmly.Katniss9

“Well, I can make the black dress, but the wings, um….how would I even do that?”

crowJust then a crow flew past the window. I had a bow and arrow, ready to go. Hmm…


But then, what else? Since I’m the one who insisted on the main character, I felt I had to give in. I racked and racked my brains. The wings would need to fold, otherwise, she’d be knocking everyone down in her path! What folds? A music stand! I knew I had one in my attic.


We just used the upper parts not marked with the official-looking red, squiggly lines.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy brother-in-law, aka The First Dude (his wife being The Mayor, and all) kindly cut the stand for me. Sparks flew!

Turns out, music stand joints are pretty flopsy when not attached. It took some doing to get the wings to stand out; a combination of leather, elastic stringing and proper weight distribution. A lot of trial and error. But we got them to work! And they do indeed fold down.

In addition, Kat had her fingers rebuilt. The Effanbee Doll Company Anne Shirley is one of the few composition dolls to have separate fingers. They’re very distinctive with their orange nail polish, and they frequently break. This 21″ girl was no exception. She was missing five out of her 10 fingers! Someone had repaired them in the past, but they were crumbling so I decided to redo them. This is why O.L.D. number 21 took longer than most. You can see her adoption page HERE.



I modified the blue dress our Kat arrived in to resemble the Tribute dress Katniss wore in the first Hunger Games movie.

katniss effie reaping

Look at that blue dress! You can see why I saw the resemblance.

And now I’m hard at work on No. 22. She is closely related to Kat in more ways than one.









OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe streak continues! Annie was adopted by Michelle of Colorado. New record! That’s TEN for her! Thank you, Michelle!

And with that, back to the sewing room. Happy Wednesday, you’re my favorite!