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From Kansas To OZ

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Hot via the magic of email! Here they are!

First off, the sketch:


And now, in drenched, Oz-like color:


drevilcBut, wait! Now that I saw it in color, I noticed something missing. And, NO, it wasn’t to delay-Nina-for-the-next-chapter-set-of-illustrations-so-that-there-was-finally-a-chance-that-my-charmingly-child-like-sketches-could-be-used-instead!

I can’t believe you’d think that.

See if you can guess what was added in this final, final version. Answer at the bottom of the post:

HT_30-1Lastly, “The Milky Brown Eye.” Here’s the sketch:


And in color!

HT_31As always, Nina’s done a perfectly lovely, if un-childlike job. Which is fine, if you like that sort of thing (which I confessedly do)…This is one of my favorites so far.

So, did you notice what was missing from the first illustration? It was hard to tell from the sketch alone:

RNsLook closely:


drevilsoonIf you noticed Ruth’s necklace appear in the second version, you were right! Ruth had to have her necklace, she put it on just before the opening of Elizabeth’s box. It wasn’t until I saw it in color that I noticed it was missing.

We just got Nina’s sketches for Tuesday night’s chapter!

There are a few changes to be made.

I’m sure she’ll work with her usual skill and speed.


Until tomorrow!

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