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She Must Have Done Something Good

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Wait for it…..



SOMEONE won in a bit of a landslide last night…


amayor2To our own little sister Julie, who has done many good things, and continues to do them. I am so happy for our town.

Tomorrow: About Chapter 14 Zombies & Ghosts with thanks to my brother Dennis, who managed to post it in the nick of time in spite of all that’s going on.

In the meantime, today we celebrate. Congratulations, Julie! I LOVE YOU.


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I am PREJUDICED and PROUD of it!

Julie5Let me get THAT out of the way right now. Actually, “biased” is probably a better word to describe circumstance, but “PREJUDICED” in nice, capital letters sounds so much better and more “grabby.”

For those of you who live in Rolfe, and there are nearly 600 of us, you might be aware that the elections are today. And how fitting! It’s going to Rain, there’s a 100% chance! And later, it’ll turn into Snow! And it’s cold, so we’ve turned on our Heat! And because of the recent daylight savings time, there will be Gloom of Night.

You probably know where I’m going with this…


juliepeKISMET. Because a certain neighborhood postal worker is running for mayor. So as you go to the community center to vote today, and you feel that chill in the air, or that drop of rain on your face, or wend your way through the darkening gloom, I hope it reminds you.

And I hope you vote for Julie Lancaster.

Julie3vWhile I may be prejudiced, she is my sister and best friend after all, I can tell you that even if she weren’t, she’s the one I would vote for based on what I heard and observed at the recent “Meet the Candidates” event.

And not just because she’s smart enough to know not to show up at a job interview chomping gum, although you would think that would go without saying.

The reason I would vote for Julie is because she sees Rolfe the way I see Rolfe; as one of the best places on earth, and she wants to keep it that way. She’s energetic, she’s involved and she truly cares.

Julie4vEven when no one was looking, long before running for mayor was even a thought, she’s served on several different committees and spent countless hours doing community service, running the kids games and decorating the town gazebo for everyone’s enjoyment and a host of other things, without a neon sign or anything else to say, “Hey, Rolfe! Look what I’m doing!”

She just Does It.

Julie has a way of making people want to help. There’s something about her that draws people in. I know that first hand, for I am The Other Sister and I’ve witnessed it and she’s so gifted at it that I don’t even mind. It’s something you can’t teach, and it’s something a mayor will need. Rolfe IS a fine place, but it’s slipping. Just an ever so teeny, tiny bit. Julie is just the right person to nip that in the bud and bring us all back together. She loves this place with all her heart and wants it to succeed.

And she is SMART.

I could go on and on and on with my prejudicial banter, but all I want to say, and for what it’s worth:

Julie is the person for the job.

Hope you vote! And may all your wildest dreams come true.

Tonight at midnight, hopefully in a celebratory mood! Chapter 14 Zombies & Ghosts.

Premieres, You Might Want To Be Nice To Me & Look What I Found!

Premieres. TWO of them: This morning when I awoke at my usual early hour, it was to discover that my brother had put together Chapter 13 for its premiere tonight. My heart pounded as I flipped the pages…dare I hope? NOPE. There they were, Nina’s sketches, looking as if an artist had…sketched them. Which she had. They look good.

In a way, I’m hoping that she doesn’t get the revised sketches to us in time so that you can see even MORE of the process. From initial sketch, to revised sketch, to full color version. That Nina is one amazing girl. Oh, sure, she’s no Ruth (thank goodness!).

Also! The color version of the second illustration has now been put into place for Chapter 12 The Wakening.

Hazel Twigg & the Hollyhock Hideaway is slowly unfurling its wings, and you are here at the very beginning!

You Might Want To Be Nice To Me:  Because I very well could be the sister of the next Mayor of Rolfe. Julie Lancaster is EXACTLY what this town needs. She’s an Ambassador of the Positive! She glows from within! She takes guff from no one, and believe me I have tried! She is a quick thinker and passionate with a strong sense of right and wrong!


Good thing I didn’t accidentally drown her when she was 2!

And, no, I don’t want Julie to be mayor in the hopes that people will continue to get us confused and think that I’M the mayor and have me over for dinner…although we DO kind of look alike…


True, I may be a bit biased, but Julie Loves Rolfe and Wants to See It Succeed and she is NOT afraid of hard work. PLEASE VOTE FOR JULIE LANCASTER FOR MAYOR IN THE UPCOMING ELECTIONS.

And lastly, Look What I Found:

creaturebRecognize the creatures in the lower right corner? They’re the creatures that I made! This book, HALLOWEEN Food, Fun & Crafts is from October 30, 2007. It lived up to its name! There are indeed food, fun and crafts in there!


And the second page:

creature2bOnce again, I may not finish my creature this year. My brother Dennis and I talked this past Sunday and I have a lot to do Hazel Twigg-wise. There’ll be a new feature for the dolls that I work on, we’ve finally reached the very end of the sketches I did so many months and maybe even a year ago so I need to do more. Who knows? Maybe my skills have improved! Or gotten rusty from lack of use…gulp.

And of course I have a doll whose clothes aren’t going to make themselves! Poor thing’s been sitting in that sewing room with half a dress on for days now as I’ve attended to other things.

Where does the time go, I ask you?

Tonight at midnight: the Premiere of Chapter 13 The Question & The Quest.