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Up, Up and AWAY WE GO!

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I walked into the living room and there she was, surrounded by all the lost dolls, old and new. They sat there enthralled as she performed nursery rhymes.

So what to do with her? The goose was a dead giveaway…

Thus begins the description for O.L.D. (Once-Loved Doll) No. 127, Mother Goose and Guy, her gander. You can see their adoption page HERE. She’s a 15″ Effanbee Anne Shirley. I love them for costumed dolls.

Several months ago my own wee dear sister Julie sent me a Pin she found interesting. It was a Halloween costume of a little girl dressed as an elf sitting on a mushroom. The girl’s legs were the mushroom’s stem, meanwhile, fake legs were posed crossed-legged on the mushroom.

Adam as “Woody Riding Bullseye”

This sent my imagination flying. I had done a similar costume myself for my son, Adam. One year for Halloween he was “Woody Riding Bullseye.” What fun to make a costume for a doll along those lines! I kept my eye out for ideas, and suddenly, there it was: an old tin toy of Mother Goose astride her gander.

The tin toy inspiration

But when it came right down to it, that goose was going to have to be HUGE in order for the entire body of a doll to fit within. For practical purposes, and not wanting this doll, now that I’d finally gotten to her, to take eons to create, I decided that the doll herself would be riding a goose. Making that goose sturdy enough to actually support her and not fall was challenge enough.

Thank goodness for WIRE HANGERS!!

“I buy you nice clothes, and you put them on WIRE HANGERS?!”Me, doing my best Joan Crawford

I chose the thickest wire hanger I could find from the tangle of them hanging in a basket from the knob of my sewing room door and bent it into an upside down “U” shape with the top of the U following the curve of the goose’s back, and an “L” at each end for the center “toe” of Guy’s foot. With the remaining bits of hanger I made two “V”s for his feet and a smaller “L” behind for stability. I then found all the available bags of cotton balls in Rolfe. Some from my own sewing room, the last remaining bag at our grocery store, and Julie’s bag besides. This goose is STURDY.

But in my last post, I promised an illusion! This was when I was still planning for the dolls legs to be the goose’s legs. A-HAH!! More wire! Not hangers this time, but a fine wire light enough to stay afloat while still being sturdy enough to support the fabric and lining for Mother Goose’s cape. And, voila!

I’d like to thank fellow Rolfian Jule H. for the nice box of fabric. I used some for this skirt. I love fresh blood! Ahem.

You can find the pattern for the goose HERE. There aren’t any directions, so you just have to wing it. Har. These are the jokes, folks!

I modified it a little. I wanted our goose, who is named Guy, to be able to open and close his beak so I added extra pieces and inserted some folded chipboard. I also inserted a square dowel into his neck so he would never droop. His eyes are black glass beads, and his bow is 100% silk from an upholstery sample square. Guy measures just over 12″ tall.

Sweet Jennifer to the rescue again! She printed this image for Mother Goose’s book.

So there you have them! The FIRST for Halloween 2019.

Izzy the Bee Charmer was adopted by Barbara E. of Diamondhead, Mississippi. Izzy reunited with two of her O.L.D. sisters and from what I hear is very happy indeed. Thank you, Barbara!

And with that I leave you on this thundery, rainy day. Nothing like a good thunderstorm! And nothing like YOU, for you are my favorite!

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Bubble, Bubble, Toil’s No Trouble

In fact, sometimes toil is downright FUN.

As I patiently wait a day to give a little more time to read Chapter 10, Present Past, I’ll give you a glimpse into what I do in the evenings…

Once again this year, I’ve decided to make a new creature with leftover duct tape from critters past. This is not the first time. Every year, I’d like to make a new one and I’ve even gotten a good start – but I don’t always finish. Even as I type, there are a pair of legs in my basement that will never ride again. A creature riding a unicycle! Too ambitious! Lesson learned.

The inspiration(s) for this year’s attempt:

monherr1monpea             AND

I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with the guy on the right, Mr. Peanut, but do you know the guy on the left? The rabbit is Mr. Herriman from “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.” Adam and I loved that show! It ran from 2004 to 2009. The graphics were wonderful. They were so retro and in that way they bridged my childhood and his. Not unlike how Chapter 10 bridges the childhoods of Hazel and Ruth!

Lucky me that my son happened to be the right age at the right time, otherwise we might not have discovered this show.

The sketch (on the back of an envelope. I’ll grab whatever’s handy with a little blank space available when I draw):


The beginning (as it is right now):


I decided he’s not quite fat enough, so yesterday I picked up a few leftover newspapers from our local post office where my sister Julie works.

I’ve made his knees a little knobbier than the sketch with toilet paper rolls and wooden balls on dowel supports.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHis feet are two flat rocks I found at the back of my house with curled wires attached with hot glue and cardboard cones to assist in the transition from rock to wire.

Two things I hoard:


Chip board and wire hangers! I’m constantly afraid that they’ll no longer get manufactured! Sweet sister Julie saves the backs of paper tablets for me, and whenever I spot wire hangers at thrift stores, I pick them up. Because indeed, last time I saw wire hangers at a department store, they were covered in plastic! Plastic covered wire, this will never do!

In addition to the occasional creature, I use them to create tools for doll repair, or to replace the stringing hooks that go into dolls whenever they’re missing. I NEED those hangers. I can’t live without them!

Heaven help whoever’s around when I use them, because I do THIS scene at least once:

MonhangIt never gets old! Thankfully, I’m usually alone…

I’ll show you the finished product when I’m finished.

Tomorrow: About Chapter 10…’til then!

*I wonder if anyone will get the significance of the gallery shot at the top of the page? Hmm….*