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Whoopsie Daisy Harvest Time

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In all the excitement of the drawing, I forgot to mention! Part 1 in all its 9-Chapter-plus-Prologue glory is HERE! (See what I did there? If you click on the word “HERE!” it’ll take you right to it! I’m fancy that way.)

And speaking of the drawing, I’ve tried to make things more clear. Here’s a link to the Hazel Twigg Facebook Page. Previous Likers, share the “New” page and post to boast of your exploits on the “Old”. Two more Likes so far! I ain’t complaining!

Guess what? It’s HARVEST TIME! Know how I know? Those Japanese beetles posing as ladybugs are back!



Know how else I know? Because my cat Elsie is VERY interested in something hiding beneath the stove.

My guess:

1mouse1At this time, I would like to thank BATS. Were it not for them, I’d be very scared and alarmed right now and wandering the streets of Rolfe because of the knowledge that there was a scurrying rodent in my home.

But because I’ve face FLYING rodents – ones that my cats aren’t the least bit interested in – I say: BRING IT ON, MICE! I’m not afraid of you.

And that is saying something.

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“Mom! Dad! Iowa is so UNIFORMLY CHARMING! You’ll never believe it, I’m being infested by…ladybugs! Isn’t that sweet? What next, are singing birds going to sew dresses for me?”


Ah, the innocence of that first harvest season. Cute little ladybugs! I can think of worse creatures to have in one’s house.

But… these weren’t ladybugs. I found that out the first time I attempted to pick one up. Or did it accidentally land on me for some reason? I forget. What I DO remember is The Sting.

The polka-dotted bugs that were polka-dotting my walls were actually some sort of Japanese beetle brought in to do something or other for crops. You can see my mistake:

Sweet, innocent Ladybug

Sweet, innocent Ladybug

Evil Beetle

Evil Beetle










Even worse was when I found out what was causing all the stinging. Pee! The little goobers were peeing on me!

But as with everything, you learn to live and adjust. I secretly wouldn’t want birds sewing for me either.


(I’m not going to mention that when the evil imposter ladybugs die they look like popcorn kernel duds, which I happen to adore. They do NOT taste good!..Or so I’ve been told…)