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All Dressed Up & Hyper-Redux

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABetty Bell is READY TO GO. And she will go! Starting Sunday…

I wonder, if I put up a link of her scheduled page, where would it take you…? To some bizarro world, where nothing is real?

Better not, then.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANotice the trim on her dress. Who happens to have vintage trim with the letter “B” on it? Me, that’s who! I just had that little snippet, but could think of no better way to use it than on someone whose initials are “BB”.

I’ve also added a little pom-pom to the tip of her hat. When she saw the photo of herself next to Dot, she noticed that Dot’s bow made her a *little bit taller*. Now, Betty’s King of the Mountain!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe turned out really cute. I’m glad I get to enjoy her for a little while longer.

In the meantime, I’m a hypertufa-ing, window-washing FOOL. Today’s my last day! Because who knows what tomorrow will bring?

I know there’s going to be SOME kind of operation in there…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve filled in the rest of that section. The repairs are different colors, because, um…Perhaps SOMEBODY didn’t always measure things the same way when mixing!

Or perhaps they didn’t always mix as well as they should!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANo matter! I’m going to paint over everything with “Portland Cement Water”…That I shall mix myself.

*Oh dear.*

Well, it’ll be better than what it was!

This corner pillar at the top of my steps was really bad. I didn’t get a “before” photo, darn the luck, but if you look closely, you can see some of the crumbles yet to be swept a few steps down. It looks SO much better than before. You can also see lighter gray areas where I’ve already painted some smaller cracks with my special “Portland Cement Water.”

Of course, the steps themselves need to be repaired too…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s my house this rather blustery morning. Bit by bit!

The final priming and painting will have to wait until after my operation. Hope it’s an outpatient soiree this time around!

However! If I should die before I wake, my love to you all!

And have a happy weekend!

I give and give and give…


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My beady eyes peered into the sunlight. “So, this is what the outside looks like!” I cackled in a creaky, low voice.

I confess, that last week I had a teeny, tiny meltdown. Spring! Ah, SPRING. The ONLY time of year I want to be outside! And this year spring in Rolfe is especially glorious. The temps are perfect, a little warm if you’re toiling, but then in true Camelot fashion, it cools down at night.


So I balked at staying indoors and sewing – even though my brothers had urged me to find minions, so I have no one to blame but myself – and I went outside.

Heaven knows I love my old house, but the thing is falling apart! Especially the stucco. Witness the lower right-hand side of the photo:


And closer:


The part surrounding that round thing has been missing for a long time. If you look closely below, you can see the slab from the part of the left that just fell that I witnessed.

Time to hypertufa! I retrieved my wheelbarrow from the garage so that I could use it as a giant mixing bowl. I discovered that it had standing water in it, most likely from recent rains.


I suspect my garage roof may have a hidden leak somewhere.


I also suspect it might be leaning ever-so-slightly.


No matter! Time for my wheelbarrow to become a stand. Fortunately (thanks, Mom!) I had an freshly emptied bin to use as a mixing bowl instead. Here’s the peat moss, perlite and Portland cement, pre-mixing:




Of course, this is just the beginning. And it took less than twenty minutes of poking and smashing and molding! Pretty close, huh?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI need to do the rest and there are several other stucco spots on my house that need tending, and then of course there’s the priming and painting…but it works! The hypertufa works! A repair I can do myself! CHEAP. That’s my favorite kind!

Plus, I get to keep my sanity, so there’s that. Therefore, Betty Bell is still doing well, but she’s going to have to learn even more patience! She will be going up for adoption on Sunday, June 15. And I get to keep my sanity! Because a mind is a terrible thing to lose.

In the meantime, Clementine will definitely be adopted! You can view her progress HERE.

Happy Monday!

Catch As CaT Scan & A Shoutout





First, the shout out! In the midst of all that’s been going on, I forgot to note: Faith has been adopted by the lovely Lois S. of New Hampshire!

She is the same kind woman who gave little Sunny Joy a home. Faith, aka “Little Red Riding Hood,” is winging her way over several forests – I’m sure – as we speak, and therefore far out of reach of any wolves below.

While Faith and Sunny never officially met, I have a very good feeling that they’ll get along splendidly. Thank you for giving them a good home, Lois!


Next, I have been given The Gift of Time. As you may or may not recall, last week I was supposed to have a CT scan. I dutifully stopped eating at the appropriate time, drove down to Fort Dodge, and drank the Foul Liquid. And waited.

And waited.

hyper1Whoops! Turns out, there are two parts of a stomach, and my doctor wanted both! The insurance company was having none of it at the time, so I went home. Now my CT scan has been rescheduled for this very morning.

“And we have your surgery rescheduled too,” the nice nurse said. “It’s for June 13th. Let’s see…that’s a Friday.”

“So, Friday the 13th?” I replied.

“Heh. Yes, I guess so,” she responded.

It’s a good thing I’m not superstitious.

hyperAt first it was hard. I was geared up and ready for the surgery that was going to take place tomorrow. But, now! Now I can do projects that I won’t be able to do later!

The Hideaway, also known as my home, is falling apart a little bit and I’ve misplaced my magic wand. My brother-in-law Scott was power washing my porch, and even as I watched, a section of stucco that had long since been threatening to, fell into my garden!


It’s like playdough for adults – for your garden! And also, your stucco. I hope.

I am going to attempt to repair it my very own self using a wonderful thing called “Hypertufa.”

Both Julie and I are mad to try this stuff ever since stumbling across it on Pinterest. This is a project I will do. Look for it! Imagine all the things you could make! Fairy villages! Planters! Bird baths!

So today, foul liquid. Over the next couple of weeks, TIME. And home improvement. With a few dolls for good measure, if I can.