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Ask Not For Whom The Bells Toll…

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA…Because there’s no question! They toll for Betty Bell, the next O.L.D.!

Betty is a very stocky little toddler. Her mold is that of a Horsman JoJo composition doll. I personally have always loved this model, but for some reason they have never been very popular of late. It is therefore my mission to make her as appealing as possible and I am working very hard towards that end.

As you can see by her image, she looks rather scared! I assure you, such is not the case. She was simply manufactured without eyelashes, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAgiving her a wide-eyed look. She is actually a very brave, determined little girl, despite her short stature.

When I asked her what she would like for her outfit, she wasn’t very specific. All except for one thing: she wanted to look taller.


I shall see what I can do.

‘Til then!

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