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Did It Happen?

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Yes, it did! Chapter 12 The Wakening made its debut – with a black and white sketch in place of the final illustration. Nina says she’ll have the color version to us today, so the sketch won’t be there for long.

Fender2barafendWhile I give a bit o’ time for you to read, I Shall Vamp.

Ah, Halloween! As I’ve mentioned, some costumes that I made over the years are less successful than others. In my defense, the character that Adam wanted to be was a very thin, fragile thing. It was Fender, from the movie R.O.B.O.T.S. But not just any Fender, no! Fender from when he was dressed as a Viking woman.

My son is a little odd. I wonder where he gets it?

So I did my very best.

Fender 2

You would not believe how hard I worked on this thing. Trying to figure out the engineering of his face was the hardest! And his hands. Adam is very specific and detail-oriented, and I liked that! I liked the challenge of it.

The other tricky thing was figuring out what to use for each component. Like his different-sized, um, chest cover thingies.

Fender 1

After all that work, it was once again one of those years where I failed to get good photos of him. I completely missed out on his shoes! The final outfit was so-so, and not the hit we usually aim for.


This one’s blurry, but it shows the tips of his horns.

Let’s hope the same can’t be said about Chapter 12 The Wakening! Ooh! We’re on the second column of chapters!

Vamping complete! See you tomorrow.

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Speaking of Cowboys…

One of the benefits of being a stay-at-home mom – with an only child at that – is time. I’d always dreamed of a passle of kids, and how each Halloween (one of my favorite holidays) I’d make aaallll their costumes. Since that’s not how things turned out, I put a lot of focus into just the one.

A lot.

Meet “Woody Riding Bullseye,” not to be confused with an earlier plain ol’ Woody:


Since here there are eyebrows painted on, this might be the one and only picture of plain ol’ Woody. Maybe not, since the decorations in the background are the same. Hmm…:


Halloween! The costume’s barely finished, the last seam is stitched, and it’s time to go! I am NOT one of those moms who takes a lot of pictures. Now I’m grateful for any that exist of these costumes Adam and I toiled and pondered over, as blurry and poorly lit as they are!

If you look closely, you can see the foam “pull-string” ring in the back:


Bless his heart, Adam was a good sport and always willing to go whole hog once a costume was decided on, even if there was struggle involved. “It’s just once a year!” was our battle cry. Naturally, Bullseye’s head was HEAVY and Adam had to keep it aloft with the reins.


And even though it was a little embarrassing, showing up at school with these somewhat overly elaborate, many-pieced costumes that would come in several large paper bags to change into, he was not ashamed! My soul mate! Every bit as odd as me!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Childhood is so fleeting. You can try and try to cling to it with both hands and still you can’t slow it down, not one bit.


I am so grateful for the time we spent together. I love the young man my son is becoming, and each new phase brings new blessings and there are so many adventures still to come, but oh, how I love that little boy.