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“I’ll get right to that. Let me just finish this here laundry first…”

As I posted on Friday, my Mother is here! And my lovely sister-in-law Suzanne left just last Saturday.

Besides helping me out from my recent surgery, they’ve also been helping to transform my home! We’re preparing for the Lost Dolls.

Also, apparently, besides being a little cluttered (although I know where everything is *mostly*), parts of my house are, um, messy. WERE messy!


“I’ll be right there, I just need to finish landing this plane…”

These women, they are AMAZING! This way! That! Chug, chug, chug! Lug, lug, lug! While Suzanne was only here for a week (and she moved MOUNTAINS while she was here!), my mother is here for a month! But you wouldn’t know it, the way she’s whirling through my house. All I do – all I CAN do – is sit and direct, poor me. Poor LUCKY me!

The speed with which my “how-old-is-she-again?” mother is moving makes my head spin. I laugh when I think of the two of us going anywhere, she spry and hale and hearty, supporting me as I totter to and fro, helping me lift, helping me open, helping me retrieve…

There is still so much to do to prepare for the minions, but step by step we’re (and by “we’re,” I mean my mother and Suzanne while she was here) are getting everything done.

Rather speedily, I might add.


“Good heavens! Where’d that football come from?”
“I have no idea, dear. Do you want to get rid of it?”
“YES. After that game yesterday, I DO.”

But as I said, my mother is here for a MONTH. Whatever shall we do for the rest of her days here? When I query that, I’m met with laughter.

“Oh, we’ll find things,” the laugher will say.

Oh, dear.

I am so very, very grateful for these angels that I love. Now if I can just KEEP things this way…

Anybody want an airless football?

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