Coat of Many Colors

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When Three Legends COLLIDE.

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1dp1You know how it is. You’re halfway through sewing together a quilt-like coat based on the recent “Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors” TV Movie because you thought it was so sweet, and you decide that your doll needs a little something more. So you ask your sister, who is also The Mayor.

“What do you think I should also make for Shirley, a hat, or a guitar?”


Alyvia Alyn Lind as Dolly Parton

“A HAT,” she immediately responded. She knows me. She knows I’ll toil for hours and hours over something unfamiliar, like a guitar, and that lately I do not have hours to give.


1adpwguitThus begins my description for Shirley Temple as little Dolly. She’s O.L.D. No. 62 and you can see her adoption page HERE.

coat of many colors1an

The main cast.

I truly enjoyed “Coat of Many Colors.” It was such a sweet and wholesome movie, along the lines of Little House on the Prairie, and you just don’t see much of that kind of thing on TV nowadays. I wanted to pay tribute.

Making the guitar was tricky. I only had enough materials to make ONE. So flaws and all, there it is! Fortunately, the guitar in the movie’s a little beat up as well.


Here she is with her hat. It’s hard to tell, but it’s a very pretty dark blue velvet.

When I completed her guitar and put her up for adoption, do you know what that wee Mayor said upon seeing her?

“She needs a hat.”


“Also,” she continued in her tinkly, fairy-like voice, “the hat should be blue.”

You’re not the boss of me! I silently shouted inside my head (because Santa’s watching especially close this time of year).

But then, all I could think of as I tried to find just the right color for her hat was, Blue. Blue, blue, blue…

I meant to do that all along.


The Legendary Dolly Parton


The Legendary Shirley Temple

So it’s obvious who the first two of the three legends referenced in the title are: Dolly Parton and Shirley Temple! Who’s the third?

The third legend is more literal! It’s the legend created for the map I made to guide me when I sewed together that coat. All 60+ tiny pieces featuring 11 different colors of it! I had to go with the fabrics I have on hand (and lucky for me, I have a LOT (although I’m still always craving more)), and then I had to figure out how to piece it all together so it would be as close as possible to the one in the movie.

I made a map of that coat, numbered all the different sized squares, assigned letters to each color, and then I made a legend for that map. Then it was just a matter of keeping track of each piece and sewing them in order. Good thing I love puzzles!









If you missed Coat of Many Colors the first time, I think it’s showing again Christmas night on NBC. Give it a gander, if you’d like.

Woodland Fairy Shirley Temple was adopted by Linda L. of Portola Valley, California! She also adopted Penelope in the past. Thank you, Linda!

And with that, I leave you!

MERRY CHRISTMAS WITH LOVE! You’re my favorite!

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