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The Art of EIGHT

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Chapter 8: Whirlwinds contains the only illustration that it was possible to reuse from the previous book. I’ve switched computers since then so I can’t find the sketch that I did. Then again, I’m not even sure if I did one for this drawing. *Shudder*:


When I did my earlier sketch of Marlene, I gave her green fingernails – if you recall:


In Nina’s subsequent drawing, she was wise enough to keep Marlene’s fingernail polish color relatively the same. See? Here’s the detail of the “bat” picture :

Ch84And the “Hazel Meets Marlene” noted from the previous Chapter 6:Ch85










But, a-HAH! I have FOUND A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE OLD AND NEW MARLENES! In the first book illustration (with the bat above) Marlene has a SINGLE SILVER BANGLE bracelet. NEW Marlene has MULTIPLE GOLD ONES. Plus, also, a RING. Clearly, this doesn’t mean anything. But, um…I noticed…

Still, DANG. That Nina is good.

I’ve always been enchanted by whirlwinds and I find them to be magical things. My sketch for, “Look! A whirlwind! Fairies!”


Nina did me one better. She actually added fairies. Can you spot them?

HT_20Interesting tidbit: Nina had missed the note that Hazel should be looking at the whirlwind. As usual, she thoughtfully changed it, but not soon enough for the online book. It WILL however, be in the printed book. Here’s the before and after:


Lastly, the pantry. Note the push button light switches, which I do still have in this house here and there. Clearly this drawing was done after a long break from sketching, when it was decided that another illustration was needed. Because LOOK! I went ALL OUT on color:

HT-021 POS

And of course, Nina did too:


And there you have it! NINA.

I forgot to mention yesterday about Ruth’s first noting of the Priscilla windows, a fact I discovered when looking at a reprint from an old Sears Catalog from whence this house came. Ruth seems to be exceptionally fascinated by this little tidbit and will point it out every chance she gets!


It doesn’t take much to fascinate Ruth. Ahem.

Happy Friday to one and all!

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About Chapter 6…

Ch6AboutChapter 6! First off, did you know that “realtor” is a trademarked word? I was wondering why during editing my brother Dennis would switch everything from “realtor”(tm – there, I did it, trademark police!) to “real estate agent.” I would send him a chapter to edit, he would change those words, I’d grimace and change them back, then he’d change them back again…finally, he told me.


I have No Idea why this agent is holding Doritos. Maybe you get a free bag if you buy a house. SOLD!!

ARGH!! Those pesky real estate agents! Just for that, I made Marlene a wee bit nastier. That’ll show ’em!

I’ve dealt with a lot of real estate agents over the years. In fact, my son Adam had lived in eight houses by the time he was nine! The vast majority of agents are warm, genuine people. But there’s that tiny minority. I’ve run across a few nasty agents in my day. You can’t really blame them in a tough market. And I do go a little overboard with Marlene (wait and see!), but that’s what makes her so…colorful.

Ch6About2AMarlene is based on a real person I’ve met right here in Rolfe. But she doesn’t live here, so don’t worry! It’s not YOU. Unless I’m kidding right now…Anyway, the person Marlene is based on is one of the kindest, nicest people I’ve ever met, which makes her quite interesting as a nemesis.

And this person kept herself up! Quite nicely! With a trowel! I used to look into her glittering, kind eyes and wonder; if I took her make up off, how small her head would really be? These are things that spring into your mind unbidden sometimes that you would never say out loud. Like I bet people find themselves wondering if I ever brush my hair? Or how come I’m not thin since I walk so much? Ah, well! As long as we keep these thoughts to ourselves…or write them down in a book. Heh.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd the Hideaway is of course based on my house. This very house I’m in right now, warts and all (the house, not me! I don’t have warts! – although my hair is quite messy). It stood empty for quite some time with no takers. The roof in the illustration is pretty much what my roof looks like; no insurer will insure it, even. Whenever there’s a wind storm I find shingles in the yard. Whee! But I love this place. It spoke to me. Warts and all. “The Mother Lode” as I called it in my email to Julie when I found the listing online.

When I first saw it in person, it frightened me a little. Julie and Scott had already moved here and I came for a visit trying to find my escape. It was an easy walk; less than a mile. So one early morning, I hunted this house down. Because of the trees surrounding it, it was bathed in shadow. And there were what looked like crosses on the pillars of the porch. Gothic! And the windows in the attic were weird; they looked like spiderwebs. I knew the house was empty, so heart pounding, I went onto the porch and looked inside. And fell in love. I had done it! I had found my own personal Hideaway. So I took the next logical step.

I found a real estate agent. And the rest is herstory.

Tomorrow! Nina’s art! See the before and AFTER.