Chapter 10

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Chapter. 10. Nina! AGAIN!

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Hmm….it occurs to me that I lied! Yes, I lied when I said that the drawing with the dead bat under the real estate flyer was the only drawing from the previous book that we would still be able to use.

There was also the following drawing:


You may notice that the style is a little bit different from the drawings now. This tale of Ruth’s 5th birthday was in the first book, as I mentioned yesterday, and that version of the book was a lot “fluffier” shall we say. So yes, there’s a difference in styles. I can’t seem to find my sketch of this illustration. Probably an art thief stole it.

For the next drawing, I’d given to options. The road not taken:

HT-024 Fairy Escortbl

Instead, we went with:

HT-024 Fairies At Lastb

Note the dancing potatoes! Luckily, Nina was able to reach into my brain and see what I meant:


Then, the last! I, um, must have been in some kind of hurry – but the idea was a simple one anyway:

HT-025 Farewell to Elizabethbl


HT_25-1Look at all the nuances in Ruth’s arm alone! Nina puts so much detail into everything.

This next photo will probably give most of you nightmares, but I have to show you Elizabeth, the doll this drawing is based upon, because Nina really nailed it:


As you can see, Elizabeth needs a lot of work. She has all of her eyelashes and her tin eyes aren’t rusted, which is good. However, her arms and legs are peeling, her human hair wig has grown a little thin over the years, and how she scraped the side of her nose, I’ll never know. But she’s a fairly rare doll, I find her beautiful, and I love her.

And we love Nina! That is all.

Have a great weekend!

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